Good  comes to those who can wait. You were subjected  to all sort of insults from foolish , greedy Gambians, but today , they are all so
small to themselves You did it for Gambian people and you are the talk  of the town 

As usual, I will continue praying for your long
life and happiness. Everyone knows that you, what you were advocating for was the  truth and the only truth.  All the bad people are under their beds with their mouths shut I am so proud of you Pa  Thanks.

Gambia is finally free and you are among those who brought the change we were hungry for . God bless you and your entire family Your father is proud wherever  he is  in heaven  today  Thanks.

Written By Batch S. Jallow

ESOL Crisis Intervention Specialist

Central High School

200 Cabin Branch Road

Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Editors note: Thanks Koto Batch for the inspiring and touching statement. I felt highly encouraged. I still live by the brotherly advice you gave me, when I first arrived in this country. My kindest regards to you and your family. 

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