Those hoping to see the Ruling APRC and the newly opposition party, The Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) in President elect Adama Barrow’s incoming cabinet should chill. President elect Barrow said he has “enough manpower” to fill the political positions. Hence, President elect Barrow doesn’t foresee GDC’s Mama Kandeh, his party surrogates and the outgoing APRC government occupying political positions in his government.

“We have enough manpower from the coalition to occupy political positions. All political positons would be occupied by the alliance,” Barrow said.

This followed a question fired by a reporter, asking Barrow if his government would accommodate former political foes (opposition) to serve in his administration. The Real Estate Developer, who addresses his first news conference since his electoral victory on December, 1st, gave a short and sweet answer to the reporter by answering in the emphatic no.

Mr. Barrow told newsmen that the APRC and the GDC would be excluded from his government. He did not elaborate further. He only said “ We have enough manpower” to fill the political positions.

Mr. Barrow also talked about technocrats filling technical positions in his administration once he assumes office. He promises to revamp the economy, low agricultural production, the private sector, among other sectors of national development.

Mr. Barrow said he has spoken to some Chinese investors, who have expressed interest in revamping rice production in the country. He quoted the excellent job that some Mainland China ricer growers have done in The Gambia, back in the 70s.  

If President elect Barrow’s statement is to go by, Mainland China is here to stay. There is no indication that he will sever ties with China to befriend Taiwan.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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