The disenfranchisement of Gambians in the diaspora is going to be a thing of the past, per President elect Adama Barrow. President Barrow told journalists at a news conference held at the Kairaba Beach hotel on Thursday that Gambians living in the diaspora are important constituency of the country’s democratic process; hence he promised to extend voting rights to them when he assumes the Presidency.

The new Gambian leader said the Electoral law would be revisited once he assumes the mantle of leadership. This means Gambians residing overseas would be able to vote in future elections.

President elect Barrow noted the immense contribution Gambians in the diaspora have made in this past election cycle, which propelled into the Presidency. He thanked his countrymen for supporting his and the alliance to send the despotic Jammeh regime packing.

Regarding social media and its impact on the elections, President Barrow said admitted that social media contributed immensely in ousting the Jammeh regime. He said the platform was used to raise voters awareness about the need for political change.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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