President elect Adama Barrow, says the ruling APRC government under the leadership of dictator Yahya Jammeh, is on the verge of saying “Bye, bye, to The Gambia, as this is evident on the recent release of political prisoners. Mr. Barrow was speaking on Thursday, at a news conference attended by journalists from various media houses including some political observers.

“The outgoing government has started doing part of the exit transition route by releasing some of the political prisoners. We had a word with them to consider start releasing the prisoners. Le them clean their own house or else we will clean it them. If the prisoners are not released; we will set them free once we assume office. It is better for them to start cleaning their house before we takeover,” President elect Barrow said.

Mr. Barrow said he welcomes the release of Lawyer Darboe and co. He said the country needs to be united and turn a new political page. He promises to uphold the rule of law once he walks into the State House.

“The issue of arrest without probable cause is going to be a thing of the past. The police will respect the rule of law. They must issue an arrest warrant before effect an arrest. People will not be detained beyond the stipulated period dictated by the constitution. There will be rule of law under my administration,” President elect Barrow said.

Mr. Barrow also talked about a guaranteed free press under his leadership. He said a free press will contribute to national development and marks the end of rumors and unnecessary speculations.

“ We will revisit the media laws in this country. The press is an important component of my administration. We would be friendly to the press,” he said.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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