Dear Pa,

Let me first congratulate you for taking us through all this for all this many years of hardship and threats. I agree with OSHO that regard is not given to the people who  sets the difference but rather to Politicians and successful Business men and Religious leaders. Who could have achieve the removal of Jammeh from office without your boldness and courage. People like me would not have gone into it. My believe or our believe was Jammeh has the finance and means to clear you from the history books. You proved us wrong that you meant business and like you always say in your programme “Leeral shows“ the struggle continues even after Jammeh.

Now my concern is President Elect’s statement against GDC and APRC. Who are this GDC and APRC? Are we having a divided Gambia? GDC and APRC belonging to the Republic of Gambia demba and Coalition Government the Republic of Gambia teey? Whoever is a part of GDC and APRC is a Gambian and has his constitutional rights to work with the present government. President elect should be careful with his speeches. It is a fundamental right to socio-economic rights and development in the Gambia dispite your political opinion. 

You will realise there is still fear in Gambians not afraid of Jammeh but the Barrow administration hence the use of pen names. Now making a comparative analysis between Jammeh’s statements and Barrow’s statement. Jammeh has that slogan “if you do not vote for me, i will not develop your area“. Some of those villages he was referring to were UDP supporters and NRP. Jammeh meant his words even mere GSM Networks Kiang was not having talk-less of good roads.

Now we all said that was wrong and Jammeh should step down. What if NADD had worn the elections? UDP pulled out and contested on their own but Halifa said every one was inclusive in NADD’s plans. That is a Presidents statement for a whole country. 

Pa and readers, lets assume that in the field of Agriculture, the only skilled in the Gambia is a member of GDC and if he decides to work with the Barrow’s government he is not qualified simply because his Party did not help them win. Take an example in Senegal, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria. When are we going to see a sound President who will not divide Gambians base on politics?

Barrow should be careful not to bring untold hardship in the Gambia. Even his security guards, did he look at the laws governing arms and security guards in the Gambia. Are his guards license to operate in the Gambia as private security guards? Do they obtain a license from the Police to be armed (if any)? What are their powers? Who defines those powers? Meaning Barrow is violating Constitution. 

Pa and esteem readers, believe you me, this government will be divided in less than three months!!! My advise to Mamma Kandeh and his GDC members is to stay away from them. They knows the only party now posing as a threat to UDP and or Coalition is GDC so they can do anything do prepare a UDP candidate for the next elections. Let me even predict them. The first constitutional amendment they will do is, change of term limit to 70 years and above and also include in clear terms High School so that Lawyer Darboe can contest under UDP and become president come next elections.

Now enough of criticism. Let me now contribute to his Government. 

  1. Hold a meeting with the President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh and discuss some in house issues
  2. Hold a meeting with security heads led by Vice President who is the chair of the security council
  3. Invite all political parties and encourage them to come forward to work with your government subject to your policies
  4. Request for Police protection through the IGP for you and your team members you have already secretly appointed even though we don’t know whether they qualify for such positions
  5. Go to the open fields and address Gambians and not in a Hotel
  6. Read the laws of the Gambia and stop listening to every advise. The laws are clearly written. Grab a constitution and read it every day ask for help and understand it before you suggest changes.

On a final note, Myself and Pa Nderry will remain neutral until we see a progressive Gambia whose government will not make prejudicial statements against its citizens just because they do not support their party.

From a Concerned Citizen

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