Below is my article on this individual, as much as I know a lot of change has happened in Gambia, I would like to be a lot more vigilant as I am in the industry I just wrote about.

It is difficult to go to work every day and not do a thing while foreigners come into Gambia destroy it and get away with it because they have ways to launder money. I hope this article finds its way to your paper.

Thank You.

Hello Gambians,

As Halifa Sallah rightly said every single Gambian that supported the coalition should be an ambassador of the new government hence this article as there are certain individuals that are not for the interest of the Gambia but for themselves.

This article is to alert the new government of certain individuals that are trying to penetrate the new system with false business knowledge and experience.

Mr. Mohammed Bazzy claims to have shares in Gam Petroleum this is totally …. and Mr. Balla Gaye was made to come up with papers confirming this in order for there to be an explanation as to how Mr. Bazzy managed to be such a powerful person in The Gambia.

Mr. Bazzy transfers 150million dalasis weekly to Lebanon through Fatou Jallow of Guaranty Trust Bank. He also ……money for Yahya Jammeh through his fake foundation.

Mr. Mohammed Bazzy one of the individuals that …….Sierra Leone was one of if not Yahya Jammeh’s closest financial advisers. Yahya Jammeh and himself fixed fuel prices, influenced the prices of basic commodities in Gambia including flour, not only that he also managed to get NAWEC officials and GNPC officials fired or arrested in order to control the day to day affairs of NAWEC & GNPC causing high electricity prices, high fuel prices etc. It is sad to say that he did achieve his goal but Thank God Yahya Jammeh’s era is over.

I trust the very learned leaders that we have now will not allow individuals like Mr. Bazzy who are out there to only foster their financial interest to penetrate this government and continue the circle of corruption Yahya Jammeh left behind.

Thank You.

Witten By A Concerned Gambian

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