Congrats on the defeat of Yaya Jammeh at the polls.  You and especially The Soldier, have been at the forefront of exposing the many crimes of the Jammeh regime and his corrupt acolytes who have been raping our dear motherland. 

Last night at about 1145PM, Muhammad Bazzi was ushered in to talk to Adama Barrow at Barrow’s house.  Bazzi was brought to the meeting in a tinted pickup and came through the kitchen.  

As many Gambians know, Bazzi together with Samba controlled most of the Gambian economy and were the money men for the Kanilai monster.  Bazzi still controls the Gambian telephone and internet gateways, water and electricity, oil, passports, birth certificates, etc, etc.  Nowadays, many Lebanese have been provided with Gambian papers thanks to the Lebanese control of our economy and national papers.  

One new power broker is Alpha Barry, who is related to Fatoumata Tambajang. He is also the right hand man of  Samba and has a lot of influence in the coalition. 

Whilst a lot of people who fought many years against Jammeh have still not spoken to Adama Barrow, we can confirm that Muhammad Bazzi has done so.  Mai Fatty arrived at the Barrow house at the same time that Bazzi was meeting with Barrow.  Pa, please call Mai Fatty and ask him whether some angry Gambian youths did not complain to him about Bazzi meeting with Barrow after having looted our coffers.  

On another note, we can also report that the Westwood company ordered a GL500 Mercedes Benz G Wagon for Jammeh to celebrate his victory. 

The car was flown by a private jet from Dubai to Dakar where it was cleared by Lamin Saidykhan a clearing agent.  When the vehicle arrived in Gambia however, Yaya had been defeated.  Haha.  Btw, Westwood is the company cutting down the wood in Gambia and Senegal and in partnership with Yaya.

Written By Deep Throat

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