Dear Pa Nderry,

I am a Senegalese Citizen and would like to draw your attention on the Grand Colley intervention. I don’t agree on the way he is talking about the new elected President. Please tell to Grand Colley that he has no right to imagine and transcribe publicly Tanor and President Sall communication with President Barrow. Invite him to be more respectful for the new elected President. He has no right to speak negatively about President Barrow.

In order to avoid mistakes between the two Countries and people. This victory that we are all welcoming concerns primarily the Gambian population. I am being very shocked when Gambian people request Senegal people to keep off from Gambian matters.

It is geopolitics but tell him to step back from his disrespectful words against President Barrow. Senegalese population would not wish to be misjudged because of the acts of a single and not mandated person. Sorry for this message.

Best regards

Written By Mr. Mbodj


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