Dear Mr. Mbai,

Please allow me to comment on a recent interview you had with the Senegalese press “Modibo” I believe is the name of the interviewer. 

The broadcast, as replayed on freedom Radio is of immense. Benefit to all who hear it. A first-class observation and analysis of Gambian politics and society. 

Pa, your observations are spot on. You are teaching Gambians and Senegalese with masters’ degrees or so-called Doctors rate. Once again you have demonstrated analytical excellence on all things Senegambia politics and society. And I would encourage you to appear on such cross-media interviews in both Senegal n Gambia moving forward, so that luminaries from that side may reciprocate appear on Freedom radio each time you need them clarify happenings on that side of the Atlantic.

Pa, you have an important role to play in both Banjul n Dakar politics going forward. I urge you to stay on message. Your work is hard. It is your destiny. Allah’s will for you to be exiled and to face a dictatorship lead a national fight. Look at the blessings bestowed on a kid from humble beginnings, today a household name known world wide. 10 years ago I argued on your paper that journalism is a noble profession, hopefully the public has agreed by now.

If you continue upholding the values and ethics deep within you, your prosperity shall continually be enhanced. Be patient. Give the new govt a chance to set up shop. Educate us on how politics ought to be run, by comparing and contrasting political systems in your analysis. Preach for strong institutions like Parliament. Pa, that nonsensical head of the civil service n presidents affairs post should be abolished. You need to have a special programme on where Jammeh went wrong, and how the new govt can avoid those pitfalls. Warn President Barrow there are people who will praise n lift him to higher status he never knew existed, so be mindful. To have humility. To refuse musicians praise singing him. Macky have no money, so why should a Gambian leader be dishing out bundles of cash to singers. Remember, you are a force in the media world now, a responsibility too as you eloquently related on that interview.

Please, replay over and over the said piece you had with “Modibo” and archive it. Pa, it is one of your very best. I saw sincerity in it. I saw expertise analysis. But a a love for country too from a seasoned journalist. 

One by one, bring APRC big wigs on air. Pa, as soon as jammeh falls, they will all queue to talk to you. Pa, I also look to the day your old buddy Sheriff Bojang will appear on freedom. How about ” fallsorr” Gambia’s pen Sabally lol.

Keep your head up, very proud of you indeed.

Kind regards

Written By Gibril.

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