Pa, first of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team for the victory you have achieved by bringing the true independence to The Gambia. I worked from 2005 to 2012 extremely close to Jammeh, and when the time will come, I will disclose who I am.

president-elect-barrowLet me start by confirming that without Freedom Newspaper there will be no new president today in The Gambia. And we would have gone for another 5 years of killings, torture, kidnappings, jailing, economic crime charge for every minister and PS and civil servant.

Pa, I m not here to praise you. history of The Gambia will reward you and recognize you as the one who paid a very heavy price to free The Gambia from Jammeh and his junta.

I was not intending at all to write, but when I read that the new elect president met yesterday Bazzi then I lost all of my temper and said “oh my god we will never allow history to repeat itself.”

Who is Bazzi to be granted audience before anybody on earth? Who is he? Is he a head of state? Is he Secretary General of United Nations? Of AU?

Nooooo !!!! Bazzi is the biggest disaster that happened to The Gambia and Gambian people! He is behind every single arrest in economic crime. The last one was GNPC case. He is one who went to see Jammeh with a Senegalese guy to say some lies just to get back the contract of heavy fuel, accusing March trading of being bogus company , while March trading was providing oil to The Gambia for one year and without one single day of delay which allowed The Gambia to enjoy electricity power for first time of history with no shortages and all this after going through a tender process where all major companies submitted their file in a very transparent way.

March gave the best price based on the stock exchange market and as example: Bazzi was selling the heavy fuel oil to Nawec at 720 usd the ton , when March trading sold a very higher quality between 330 to 400 usd the ton , 400 usd difference !!!!! Times 60000 tons that Nawec uses per year and it is 24000000 twenty four million USD per year !! THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT BAZZI WAS CHARGING AND MARCH PETROLEUM, Pa, ask the financial department of Nawec to release numbers, today everything is clear.

Bazzi is the man who made his cousin marry devil zones sister just to control state house and the millions of dollars.

Neither Jammeh nor his wife could have taken 1 per cent if Bazzi was not there to guide them stealing the Gambian people assets and he is the one to sell everything abroad.

He is the one who bought at the hardest time for The Gambia a very old jet Boeing 727 worth 400.000 usd and invoiced to government at 4 millions, with help of that time minister of finance Balla  Gaye. 

Who is Bazzi dear brothers?

Ask Mambury Njie former SG who paid a very heavy price because he fought Bazzi.

Ask Ousman Jammeh, former SG who is Bazzi and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

Ask Doctor Bah , former SG who is Bazzi, and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

Ask Sabally former SG who is Bazzi and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

Ask Alhagie Ceesay , ex chief of protocol who is Bazzi and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

Ask Moises ex chief of protocol who is Bazzi and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

Ask Fatou Njie ex chief of protocol of devil sinew who is Bazzi and all his committed crimes against Gambian brothers.

And ask every single security officer who is Bazzi and all his crimes against Gambian brothers.


We can accept that JAMMEH case will be discussed whether to be prosecuted or not. But dear brothers, there is no way we can accept that a foreigner xxx behind destroying hundreds of families and behind ripping off the whole economy of The Gambia for 15 years to escape from JUSTICE.

And Mr Bazzi, we are going to grant you something priceless, we are going to grant you something that you and your boss, have never granted to anybody on earth : we are going to grant you JUSTICE AND A FAIR PROSECUTION AFTER A FAIR INVESTIGATION.

A commission should be immediately organized and start investigating in Bazzi crimes. And Pa, we will ask him a very simple question : the origin of his money, of his so called funding, let him show us that he was a millionaire before entering Gambia first time. Let him provide a bank statement showing that he had already these millions dollars before joining Jammeh.

Pa, the guy came barefoot to our blessed country and today he owns everything.

Time has come that he gives back all he sucked from Gambians blood.

Let him give back immediately his diplomatic passports. His Sierra Leone passport and Lebanon passport. We also know he has a Syrian and Guinea Bissau passport plus a passport from South America.

Brothers at security in our borders and airports’ do not sell yourself for any amount he will propose to you; you are and we are all of us the revolution and Gambia freedom custodians. Let us all of us be patriotic and do not allow him to leave the country. And I repeat he will be granted a fair investigation, so if he is innocent there is nothing he can be worried about. But we will be all there to give evidence of who he is and what he did.

Do you know that one day it was Mariam Jammeh daughter 5th birthday, the monsters daughter, and he advised devil Zeinab to take the state aircraft, go to Paris to buy her A CHIWAWA DOG AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT. The flight has cost more than 300000 euros!!! 

300000 euros for a dog as a gift to Pharaoh daughter!! Ask state house staff and chief of protocol they will confirm.

15.000.000 dalasi dear brothers for a dog .more than one year salary of GNPC , GIA, GCAA TOGETHER.

And 100 of other things will be released to explain who is Bazzi.


I don t want to write a long article, but please allow me space to say 2 other things.

Please do not accept any ministerial position in The Gambia. Why? Because the country still needs you as an independent judge and controller of any misbehavior that the head of state or any of his ministers, PS, governors, etc etc can make.

You and your team are the guarantors of our democracy. So stay free. Do it for the Gambians to whom you have given so many years of sacrifice already.

And my last word is to Mr. the new elect president. Don t betray the Gambians trust. Don t betray Allah trust. Don t disappoint the Gambians. Today we are all sad because you met Bazzi, you are answerable to every single Gambian: I will not ask you to disclose what your meeting was about, we will disclose it next time, but I want a commitment from you that you will not allow Bazzi to leave the country before been cleared by a commission.

And please be transparent with us in the future, no more hidden meetings with businessmen. So many people have paid by their lives the price for you to be where you are !

You said Gambia will be a democratic country and you will rule with all transparency. Do you think Obama will meet a businessman in the conditions you met Bazzi?

Do you think UK prime minister Mrs. MAY will meet a businessman in the conditions you met Bazzi?

Do you think French president will meet a businessman in the conditions you met Bazzi?

We all know the answer.

We are asking you not to betray us, but also it is good for you to know that we will be watching every single movement of you and your government and over our dead body we will not allow history to repeat itself.

Written By A Former Ambassador

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