Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, has rejected the results of the country’s December, 1st President elections. Mr. Jammeh, who was on GRTS to address the nation, is charging electoral fraud, and lack of independence on the side of the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai. Hence, Jammeh said he has decided to annul the results of the elections.

Mr. Jammeh rescinded his earlier concession speech accepting the will of The Gambian people. Mr. Jammeh noted that even though he has earlier faithfully accepted the results of the elections thinking that the IEC was independent, he said the recent electoral results amendment done by the IEC, has undermined the confidence and trust he had for the Commission. He said following an investigation he conducted, he is now convinced that the elections were rigged.

“ I am rejecting the results of the Presidential elections in totality. I will not accept the results based on the IEC recent changes of the results without the IEC explaining how the changes were made, All the parties were called to the IEC on Monday, to tell them that there was a mistake made, which was unacceptable,” Jammeh said.

“The total number of votes transposed was not mentioned. How they rectified the error was not mentioned,” Jammeh added.

Mr. Jammeh, who lost the election to President elect Adama Barrow accuses the Independent Electoral Commission of rigging the polls in favor of Barrow.  Mr. Jammeh said some APRC voters were told on polling day that they should not bother to vote because Barrow has won the elections. He also alleged that some of his supporters issued with valid voters’ card were denied to vote on polling day. The reason for denial, according to Jammeh, was because their names was not found in the electoral register.

“This is one of the most dubious elections that we ever had,” Jammeh said,

Mr. Jammeh said he fresh elections would be held. Although he doesn’t say when the elections would be held. He accuses the west of refusing to fund Gambia’s elections. Jammeh said the current IEC lacks credibility. Hence, he calls for the setting up of a competent, honest, and reliable IEC.

The Kanilai monster also deplored the harassment his supporters and polling agents endured during the campaign and voting day. He said some of his supporters were assaulted, threatened, and attacked. He calls for peace during the period of the results annulment. Jammeh said he is not going to tolerate any demonstration from now on. He vowed to crush any demonstration coming from the opposition.

Mr. Jammeh also claimed that there is foreign intervention in this elections. He accuses President elect Adama Barrow of lacking faith, trust and confidence on the Gambian security officers by having foreign guards protecting him.

Mr. Jammeh expressed shock that during one week of him losing power, some of his party supporters have turned from Green to yellow by rally support for the opposition. He also accuses his detractors of falsely announcing the demise of his mum.

“Now we have known each other better. There were people who were green and all of a sudden turned yellow. We have learned a lot within this short period,” Jammeh said.

Finally, Jammeh said provided that the necessary funds are available, elections would be held. He appealed for calm in the country.

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