Pa: I am very concern about the situation here, from reliable sources; revealed very disturbing facts about the government not responding to the communications from the coalition vis-a-vis the transition modalities. The Secretary General has failed to honor appointments with the coalition for several times in a row. 

So, unless God help us the inauguration could be delayed. Lest it fails to even take place. Banjul is not smelling good unless God help us. The UN country rep is in the loop. International intervention may be necessary to force Yaya to hand over.

Bala Jahumpa, who is the contact person for the transition, is not accessible; not receiving calls. The government is asking for Barrow to remove the private security from Senegal while the government has not provided security for Barrow; when they have sent security to his home village guarding the mother.

The CDS, and police chiefs have only congratulated Barrow in a televise report while they have not gone to see Barrow in person, and not even called him. Barrow is receiving no briefings. 

Things are precarious at the moment. Anything is possible…we pray for peace!

Oh..Gambia! I am worried. Please keep me anonymous.

Written By An Insider 

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