Dear Pa, within the past hour, there are several developments taking place in the international arena in reaction to Jammeh’s decision to annul the results of the presidential election.

– Senegal has just deployed 100 highly trained Commandos around the Gambian border

– UN Security Council passed a Resolution today demanding Jammeh to make all arrangements to immediately hand over the presidency to Adama Barrow

– US State Department has also issued a stern warning to Jammeh to ensure smooth and peaceful transition immediately

– EU issued a statement and warn of ‘serious consequences’ if Jammeh did not hand over power to Barrow

The imperative for Barrow to immediately announce a transition government will complement the efforts of all the international pressures coming to bear on Jammeh. Lets not wait for the transition period anymore.We demand Jammeh to hand over to Adama Barrow within 24 hours. President Outara did it in Cite D’Ivoire and had his base at the Golf Hotel. We need to act immediately. If there is the need to hold a rally of all the Coalition supporters in the streets within the coming days,will be good for our cause.

Pa, I just received another relevant inofrmation. The ICC Council has just issued a Declaration form their meeting in Dakar that Jammeh should immediately hand over the presidency consistent with the will of the Gambian people. This is the Council representing 50 states in the ICC. 

Written By An Insider 

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