This is the former Gambian ambassador again. Yesterday I wrote about Bazzi crimes, today due to the new developments, I am writing for something more urgent.

There is no way we can accept Jammeh decision to cancel the votes of Gambian people, nor are we going to accept that he organizes new elections .

Jammeh, I make it very clear to you and I will use your language as it is the only one you can understand : Walahi talahi walahi Either you leave smoothly and handle power to the president elect, or we will kick your ass out of your dirty bed’

Pa, Since this second I invite all the Gambians and the whole world and journalists to refrain calling him Mr president. We have only one president and it is the one elected by Gambian people Mr ADAMA Barrow . So anybody writing anything on this site should talk to Jammeh as a rude gangster and killer. Call him with any dirty name you want , but if you re patriotic then don t call him Mr. president.

But most importantly and the reason I m writing is the following:

We are inviting all the diaspora to demonstrate in any country where they live to require criminal Jammeh to handle over. We have contracted lawyers in the following countries :

United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Dubai and Morocco. Our lawyers are requesting immediate ban of travel of all Gambians and non Gambians in cabinet or cooperating with Jammeh. The first one is Mohamad Bazzi.

Our lawyers are working on  seizing all of Jammeh and his devil wife Zeinab and family assets in the up mentioned countries.

We wrote also to Obama, asking him to revoke criminal zeinab visa, and same to Hollande president of France, to king of Morocco asking him clearly how does he allow Moroccan royal princesses to be in contact with criminal Zeineb? 

Regarding Bazzi, we wrote to Belgium , FBI and Interpol to arrest him for supporting and encouraging crimes against Gambians. Also to open investigations against him for arm trafficking with Iran and money laundry generated by criminal activities of Jammeh.

Bazzi can in no way fly anymore to Europe nor USA nor Emirates  He will be picked up immediately. 

We request hereby government of Senegal to do the same. Mr president Macky Sall, ask your former ambassador to The Gambia, Mr Fall, he knows everything about Bazzi, he can give you enough evidence for your security offices to pick him up.

He is the one advising Jammeh to support and create Casamence crisis. He is the one who negotiated with Iran the weapons to Gambia then to Casamence. Just focus mr president Sall about Bazzi and all your services will give you enough evidence to arrest him shall he fly through Dakar.

Dear Gambian brothers, war is strategy by ARRESTING BAZZI, Jammeh will lose more than 50% of his capacities.

Let us work all of us hands in hands to kick Jammeh out of our beloved country without a single blood drop.

First target and the easiest one to destabilize Jammeh is to get Criminal and terrorist BAZZI out of the way.

The strategy outside Gambia is :

Hire lawyers ( we did already in the up mentioned countries .

Demonstrate and protest so whole world knows who is criminal Jammeh.

Seize all Jammeh and devil Zeineb assets abroad.

Make sure that Bazzi is arrested if he moves from The Gambia.

Let us start with the easiest one and the most dangerous one : Muhammad BAZZI. 

Dear brothers, let us unite and start immediately the operation : Neutralize Bazzi.

And if anyone has any more information about Bazzi that can help our lawyers please communicate to us through this media.

Victory is close inshallah 

Written By A Former ambassador 

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