Gambia: The Soldier Releases Another Bombshell: Jammeh Is Plotting To Kill President Elect Barrow, And His Team!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as reported in our last story, DCC clearly said it’s not over until monster Jammeh is out and DCC is still maintaining the same stance. DCC reported that as soon as devil Zeinab is out of the country something will happen and this is only the beginning. DCC reported that monster Jammeh’s sweet talk was fake, his facial expression and body language did not match to what he was saying. This is monster Jammeh’s at his best, he knows how to fool and be deceptive to not only Gambia, but to the entire world. But this time around, he just made the biggest blunder and it’s OVER for him, it is just a matter of TIME. Fellow Gambians, as we speak there is high tension in the entire country and the army is divided into small factions and it is just a matter of time before all hell will break loose. There are soldiers everywhere, every street is occupied. The APRC bureau building was burnt for a purpose, all fake voting cards were burned and dictator Jammeh is angry. The army burnt it for a reason because they knew that he used to generate and hide fake voting cards in the former APRC building, Yankuba Colley cannot deny this.

Fellow Gambians and the coalition, please take this message very SERIOUSLY and it is not a JOKE. Monster Jammeh and his team of evil are plotting to kill Barrow, the coalition and his entire team. They are also plotting to kill soldiers loyal to the coalition. They are also planning to kill all the released political prisoners. This is one of the reason why he released them, so that he will initiate fighting and chaos and in the process, eliminate all of them. Monster Jammeh is evil. But DCC can once again assure to you that there is a PLOT to kill president elect Adama Barrow, Ousainou Darbo and the ENTIRE coalition. All the soldiers and Gambians, who were jubilating during the celebration will be eliminated. Dictator Jammeh watched all the social media videos. Yankuba Badjie provided him with all the videos. Gambians our country is going to turn into BLOODSHED. This monster does not care about anything. He has nothing to lose, nowhere to go and is willing to KILL every Gambian to stay in power. He only cares about devil Zeinab who ran to America and is hiding there. Why is devil Zeinab protected and is hiding in America? 

Monster Jammeh is angry with Senegal saying that they are interfering with the status quo and they will pay for the price. He said that Senegal is misleading Adama Barrow and why did they offer him security. He complained that Barrow refused to meet him this past Tuesday, he is angry. Dictator Jammeh is also loudly saying that the MANDIKAS are also misleading Barrow. He used some of the statements Barrow made on his press media to tell the soldiers that with Barrow they will all not be safe so Barrow cannot be president. Fellow Gambians, below is a list of the people who engineered this plot and they are the ones supporting Jammeh:

Sillah Kujabi 

Yankuba Badjie 

Saul Badjie 

CDS Ousman Badjie 

Ansumana Tamba 

Nuha Badjie 

Umper Mendy

Gilbert Gibba

Esa Tamba Jesus

Musa Savage 

Promoted soldiers are also supporting him

The people listed above should be reported to the international community. They are the ones who are working with monster Jammeh. Foreign intervention is imminent.

Fellow Gambians, prior to the election, DCC reported that monster Jammeh will use Lamin Manga and GRTS to rig the election. Did you see the questions GRTS asked Adama Barrow, it was all a setup to know what he will say. GRTS is an evil propaganda machine. Dictator Jammeh even after initially accepting the election results he made statements that if anyone from the diaspora come for the inauguration that they should all be eliminated. Monster Jammeh personally mentioned Pa Nderry Mbai and Fatou Camara and many more others. He said that a special team should be set aside just for this operation. He is largely blaming these people for his failure.

Fellow Gambians, the next days and months are going to be very interesting. Last night there was constant power outage and our NAWEC DCC agent reported that this was all done on purpose. Dictator Jammeh do not want people to congregate. DCC is advising the coalition to convince the entire nation to go and surround Adama Barrow and his team. They should stay with him until monster Jammeh leaves Gambia, Barrow should be protected and put in a safe place. But the coalition should use the population to guard Barrow. But Gambians will also be shocked that if the international community intervenes monster Jammeh will quickly surrender and will blame Saul Badjie and others. He is a coward who is willing to kill innocent people but it’s over for him. Things will finally fall apart for monster Jammeh SOON.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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