As for those wondering where all the 300,000 plus voters went!! Where have you ever heard of 100% voter turn out, and how do you account for those who died in the backway, or have travelled abroad sitting with their voters cards? With all the excitement in the U.S elections, 49% of the voters did not show up to vote.

njai-dcHow do you account for those who decided to sit at home for whatever reason? How do you force someone to vote for you when they don’t want to?

As for those who had voters cards that did not match the registry, who gave them those cards after the registry was closed, and how did they obtain one? For the many witnesses that saw 4 trucks of soldiers go to the IEC to be registered and where denied voters cards because the voting registration had ended , and they couldn’t provide National ID’s, who sent them, and why were they trying to break the law?

It’s about time that all former workers of the IEC including former Chairman’s to testify as witnesses in the Supreme Court. 

Anyone who was not on the registry should not have been allowed to vote, and that was what happened.

I am getting sick of people trying to come up with all kinds of excuses just to have Gambia in the wrong books of history. Come January 18th by God’s grace, President Elect Adama Barrow will be the President of The Gambia. 

Just when you thought that Gambia is moving in the right direction to Reconciliation, the unfortunate happens. The longer this drags on, the more people will see that some are not putting the National Interest first, but themselves. 

My advice to all is to not engage in violence, and let the evidence speak for itself. I am really disappointed of what is going on, but by God’s grace the truth shall always prevail. People fear no one but God. As much as I don’t want to see any witch hunting for the past,  I also don’t want to see the verdict of the people being robbed. May Gambians settle their differences by engaging one another in a political dialogue!! May peace, and reasoning prevail!!  May Allah protect all Gambians, and may our beloved Gambia remain ever true to it’s identity of letting justice guide our actions towards the common good!!!

Written By Momodou Njai

Editors note: Momodou Njai, is the son of Gambia’s electoral Chairman. He is based in the United States. He made the statement in a Facebook posting. 

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