Following the Declaration issued by the ICC Parliamentarians ( representing 50 countries in the ICC) on the situation in Gambia during their 9th Consultative Session of its Assembly of Parliamentarians currently being held in Dakar (9 to 10th Dec 2016), it is important to see whether Fatou Bensouda will intervene to remind Jammeh and his army chiefs the severity of the crimes they face if Gambians are killed and the consequences of not complying with the UN Security Council’s demand for Jammeh to immediately step down allowing Adama Barrow to take over the presidency.

Many Gambians find it difficult to understand why the wishy-washy Fatou Bensouda is still silent over the crimes committed by her former boss Yaya Jammeh. Had she intervened in the massacre of the UDP demonstrations in May this year which resulted in the illegal jailing of Lawyer Darboe and his party executives/ supporters, perhaps today Gambians would have been saved from this imploding political situation that we find ourselves. Her deliberate inaction to use her office and save her fellow citizens from the repeated murder and torture, made her unambiguously complicit in the crimes committed by Jammeh.

In September 2016, she issued a press release in which she inidctaed that she was going to conduct preliminary examination in Gabon to open up investigations following the chaotic situation in that country after Jean Ping contested the votes which was widely believed to have been rigged by the incumbent, Ali Bongo.

The UN Security Council issued a Declaration condemning Yaya Jammeh’s statement on December 9, 2016 and demanding the immediate transfer of power to president elect Adama Barrow, many are now wondering whether Mrs. Bebsouda will conduct preliminary investigation pursuant to Chapter VII  of the UN Charter acting under the proprio motu power to help her country from the impending carnage rather than wait until the crimes are committed.

The world is watching. Ghana’s president, having praised the Indepedent Electoral Commission of Ghana, has decided to gracefully step down after he is defeated in the just concluded polls. Abdoulie Wada did a lot for Senegal but was magnimous in defeat after serving for 12 years. Why Yaya Jammeh still thinks that he can continue ruling the Gambia even if the majority of the  people voted for Barrow through a free, fair, independent and democratic election?

It is time for Fatou Bensouda to stop loking for excuses when it comes to matters touching on Yaya Jammeh’s Gambia other wise history will not judge her favorably. The International Community have made their voices heard, when will the ICC intervene and save a potential bloodbath? Time is of the essence. 

Written By An Insider 

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