Gambians are well known for their love for peace, respect for law and order and a great deal of patience and faith in the Supreme Being. We are also known to heed to advice from our elders and authority. These are the qualities that will see us through the current delicate phase of our country’s history to the long awaited 3rd republic.

The ousted dictator now rebel leader of the APRC/AFPRC is one of the most brutal dictator in Africa and as with all dictators they don’t go down in tranquil and voluntary simply because of the human and economic atrocities they commit. They are cowards, pathetic, selfish egocentrics who always meet death in their attempts to cover up their evil deeds while continuing to perpetual even more heinous human and economic crimes. 

Gambians both in the country and in the diaspora have done our part by telling the whole world that we might be the smallest but we set big examples, first in history to vote out a tyrant dictatorship. As communicated by the President elect and all international bodies and powers, Gambians should go on their normal life and celebrate their victory within the law and leave the rest to the coalition leadership. Jammeh is under intense pressure and that magnifies every second till he succumbs. Because he never consults the Gambian constitution before he makes his proclamations he still thinks his empty words are law. Jammeh wake up from your dreams, a new day is born in the Gambia where the supreme governing document is the constitution which shall end his presidency and authority on January 17th. If he doesn’t step down and pass the mantle of power to president elect Adama Barrow on January 21st then by law he and his gang of bandits will be defined as rebels and shall be dealt with accordingly. The coalition is doing tings and handling the transition as inscribed in the constitution and engaging Jammeh and all stakeholders for a seamless transfer of power.

Let us pray hard, enjoy our long awaited change and freedom and allow time elapse on Jammeh. He is envious that Gambians are enjoying freedom he seized and took away for 22 years ago. The table have turned around and now is his turn to have a taste of anxiety, panic, and terror that he subjected Gambians for 22 years. 

In conclusion I want to strongly warn all Jammeh loyalists both civilians and military personnel that if you obey and carry out any orders from Jammeh that is not in line with the Gambian constitution you are endangering your own safety and security and further more if anyone execute any orders from Jammeh pass January 17th that obstruct the transfer of power, know that your action tantamount to act of treason which makes you a rebel; consult the constitution if in doubts. Jammeh is history and will never rule Gambia again so do not let him dupe you to bring you down with him.


Thank you for the space.

Kawsu Sanyang (Tata)

Atlanta, Georgia

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