Outspoken religious leader, Imam Bakawsu, has called on president Jammeh to respect the will of Gambian people asserting that the long serving tyrant should accept his political demise. Speaking today in an audio message, he asserted: 

” You cannot say you accepted the results last week and then turn around to reject them after a week. You were elected to serve people , so if they don’t want you then you should step down in the interest of peace. Using threats against people is not reflective of good sense. In fact, you should be grateful that you are leaving in peace given what you have done.

” Gadafi used to act the same way believing soldiers could protect him. Soldiers are not loyal to anybody if your exit is inevitable. Gadafi used to to threaten people with confidence in his soldiers , but he was eventually killed like an animal from a hole”.

He said soldiers have a corresponding duty to fulfill the trust imbued in them by the people to protect their interests. He said any deviation from this will attract dire consequences in the future. 

” He has nothing to fear from Adama Barrow because he has said that Jammeh will be allowed to stay as private citizen. Adama Barrow should not be hindered or harmed in any way. If soldiers deviate from their duty they will bear consequences later. A recent example of this is Lang Tombong Tamba’s complicity in the case of Daba Marenah and co but he himself ended up in jail”.

Written by Sainey Darboe 

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