A Brighton Gambian British man survived a dog attack in a jungle forest just along the Gambia/Senegalese border, and was evacuated from The Gambia, and rushed to neighboring Senegal, for urgent medical treatment, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Seedy Ceesay, crossed the Senegalese border to enter his native Gambia, where he last visited a decade ago, during the country’s election night on December, 1st, when he got attacked by a stray dog, leaving him badly injured.

Mr. Ceesay was on the other side of The Gambian border to establish direct phone contact with the leaders of the newly elected opposition alliance to update the Freedom Radio Gambia, a US based online radio, with the results of the elections as it trickles. This followed dictator Yahya Jammeh’s move to disconnect the country’s international telecommunication gateway and the internet on the eve of the elections. 

Seedy was at a wooded zone not far from the Amadali border post, where he used as a hideout to access the Gambian local domestic phone lines. It was under the cover of dark, when a dog walked behind him and bitten him on the left leg. The incident was unprovoked according to Mr. Ceesay.

The Brighton police officer, cum political activist and journalist, soon realized that he came under attack by a wild heavily built stray dog. He managed to place a phone call to one Sosseh Ceesay, who facilitated his safe exit from the Gambian soil, and he was evacuated to Dakar. He was admitted at an American hospital in Dakar, where he was seen by doctors, before he finally boarded a flight to fly back home to the UK.

“I was in the forest monitoring The Gambian elections, when a stray dog attacked me. I crossed the border in order to be able to establish contact with the leaders of the opposition alliance. I was using a Gambian phone number. I spoke to Halifa Sallah on couple of times while in the bush,” Seedy Ceesay tells Freedom Radio Gambia.

“ When I first spoke to Halifa Sallah, with a Gambian phone number, he was bit apprehensive. He doesn’t believe that I was the one calling him.  I had to call him for the second time to convince him that I was calling him from The Gambia,” Mr. Ceesay added.

Mr. Ceesay said the dog attacked him unexpectedly. He suffered excessive bleeding at the time of the attack. Mr. Ceesay said he is responding to treatment.

“ My special thanks to Ms. Sosseh Ceesay, and a Gambian brother, living in the United States, for coming to my aid. They have been very supportive during my admission in Dakar,” Ceesay said.

Mr. Ceesay first visited Amadali Immigration post, where he greeted the officers. He pretended that he was asking for one of his friends, who used to work there. The goal was to assess if the officers on duty would recognize him. To his surprise, Seedy, said none of the officers recognized him. The border was closed to traffic at the time. He walked on foot from Karang, a Senegalese border post to cross to the other side of the Gambian border. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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