He was on his sickbed after been bitten by a stray dog, when a stranger approached him. He was asked by the stranger, where he came from and he told him that he is a Gambian citizen, from the United Kingdom, who was visiting Senegal at the time. It turns out that the gentleman, who engaged Seedy Ceesay, into a conversation, was a former army instructor. He trains dictator Yahya Jammeh, during his Gendarmerie training in Senegal.

After a brief chat with Seedy, the gentleman told him that he has a special savenor (gift) for him. Seedy didn’t know what gift the man was talking about. He kept him under suspense to borrow President elect Donald Trump’s expression.

The gentleman showed up at the hospital, the next day, where Seedy was admitted and handed him the gift, which turns out to be a group picture of Gendarmerie officers.  Among them was skinny, pale and malnourished Yahya Jammeh.  It took Seedy sometime before he could identify Jammeh among the officers pictured.

Our followers on Facebook, can anyone identify Yahya Jammeh in this group picture? Comments are welcome. Thanks for your attention.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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