Dear Pa,

I would kindly like to acknowledge your work in enhancing the political development of the Gambia. On that note, I would like to add my contribution to this process with a piece for the defence and security forces. It cannot be use as a bait to seek for political immunity

To defence and security forces, The Gambia need you more than you could imagine. I urge my fellow service personals to respect and protect the people of the Gambia and the laws of the land in defence of peace and tranquility in this transition. Any attempt to defend the current government following the final electoral result in December 1st. will unfortunately lead to a catastrophic disaster the Country has ever witness.

The current political climate readings indicates a situation that required unconditional action for the sitting president to swallow his pride if any left, to step down as President of the Republic of the Gambia.

It is no longer hidden that the people of the Gambia want their Country back and with a choice of their elected leader. So to save a day the right honorable thing to do will be to handover power peacefully to President elect Barrow, as people’s choice. These are issues most Gambians no longer want to ignore considering voiceless terror netted on them.The people of the Gambia has spoken in the recent concluded Presidential and their voices are loud and clear. And We the people of the Gambia want you and your cronies to respect that decision by the people. The Gambian Diasporans are closely monitoring the situation with kin interest and therefore urged you to step down.

The situation is a recipe for the foreseen dangers in every Gambians doorstep, regardless of one’s political affiliation or any difference of such. The recent reports that president Jammeh has announced to cling into power claiming the results were rigged. In such cases you as our trusted men and women in uniform should be urge to defend the Country and its people. Let your conscience dictate you than being dictated by other forces to serve their interest and their cronies.

Like he Jammeh said “this is not a Football match”. Indeed it is not, and I personally think that is why you should step down to save the Country from political tensions. Sir like you said in congratulating President Barrow before the U-turn that your time is up.You may be advised by your interest groups to revert your decision but not the decision of the majority Gambian electorate.

For the past two decade plus you have been let go of many unconstitutional activities, e.g being involved in the largest seizure of cocaine in the Country, arbitrary arrest and open statement killings that highly forbidden by the very religion used to divide and conquer by inducing fear among Gambians, the rhetoric use of ethnic differences are clear symbol of your loss in the election after twenty-two years.

Those advising you to stay are only after their interest and not the Country and her people. They will disown you when you face with the victims of their ego and its impact on individual Gambians and their families. The Country is denied global participation as an opportunity for development partnerships in trade, investment, education and employment. Any defiance could lead to a catastrophic division of blow between the Arm security forces and the civilians hence their irrationality in your defence to maintain power despite election outcome. Which declares the coalition candidate Adama Barrow as the majority winner. 

The recent activities of the military in style as reported is a clear signal of biasness against their own people. A clearly manifestation of lack of honest leadership in the military. It is time for Africa to lay down your weapons and pick up pens and behind keyboards or remain loyal to your national duty and responsibilities with fear or favour otherwise resign. In unity togetherness action with one voice, dictatorship will be history as they slowing but surely go down one by one. My sincere gratitude to Freedom Newspaper and Pa Nderry Mbye, North Carolina, Raleigh.

Kind Regards,

Written By Minno PS.

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