I am usually not moved by your lengthy writings justifying every illegal thing Yahya Jammeh does because I see your total lack of empathy for the Gambian people and an outright demonstration of immaturity in your role as a diplomat. It was the same you that said it was ok for Yahya Jammeh to put bullets in the crowd and kill any person that engages in a peaceful demonstration. I believe in your capacity as the Gambia’s 2nd top diplomat to the United Nations, you should be cautious the type of language you use to defend outright murder of your fellow Gambians.

sam-sarr-unNow you took on to social media to defend Yahya Jammeh’s desire to annul the elections results for a reason as petty as the IEC Chairman’s announcement that a particular constituency was not properly accounted for when tabulation of the results was done. Mr. Sarr, the words of Alieu Momar Njie were very clear and I believe as an educated person, you should have read between the lines rather than taking to social media and wrote such a lengthy text only to demonstrate your lack of understanding of the provisions of the 1997 constitution of the Republic of the Gambia on one hand and your immaturity on the other hand.

I believe an excerpt of Mr. Njie’s statement reads as follows: “Instead of adding the total number of votes polled by Adama Barrow in Basse administrative area, the IEC added the total number of ballots cast for Basse administrative area to Adama Barrow’s total number of votes thus swelling the number of votes Mr Barrow polled nationally”. So tell me Mr. Sarr, with all your education and the books they said you wrote, what in this statement suggests that all the 53 constituencies suffered a counting discrepancy to warrant Jammeh to reject the elections? It is very clear the IEC Chairman was referring to the Basse Administrative area only and even if those votes were added to Jammeh’s tally, Barrow still won the elections. You must understand that the Gambia’s electoral system is a simple majority system and any Presidential candidate leading by only one vote in total will be declared the winner let alone Adama Barrow leading Jammeh by more than 18,000 votes even after the Basse miscount.

It is a matter of time Mr. Sarr before you run out of work so blow your trumpet properly and be ready to start looking for a security job in the malls of New York because the Gambia is ano go area for someone that endorses shooting at peaceful Gambians. Your candidate lost the elections and conceded under so much pressure and you had the audacity to tell the Gambiansthat he raisethe Quran and swore that he was going to hand over the country. Yes of course that was the right thing to do because the people voted him in five years ago, and the same people voted him out this time round. There is no two way of going about this issue, Yahya Jammeh does not have any constitutional mandate to reject the elections results nor can he order for fresh elections to the held. So Mr. Sarr, no matter how many pages of rotorata you wrote defending him, his mandate endon January 18, 2017 and so does your employment as a Gambian diplomat.

You do realize that people wait for your opinion on some issues but believe me they enjoy the bunch of nonsense you write that only exposes that you went to school but schooling did nothing but help create so much ignorance and insincerity in you. I sometimes wonder if you are a true son of the Gambia because my brother you are a disgrace to our national flag.

Written By Ebou Ngum – Everett Washington

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