I wish to commend the Gambia Bar Association for the bold move they took to boycott the courts in the Gambia in protest for the planned illegitimate moves by the outgoing president to torpedo the legitimate occupancy of the seat of the office of the president by President Elect Adama Barrow. 

Thank you for the patriotic move.

I now wish to encourage the TOTAL workforce of the Gambia Government to also employ a sit at home protest demonstration until Yaya Jammeh hands over power to president Adama Barrow. This move in effect will cripple the functioning of the government machinery and will also avoid street demonstrations that Yaya Jammeh wants Gambians to do for him to have the opportunity to further shed the Gambian blood. Please Gambia let us merrily stay at home until Jammeh gets out of State House. No military or security personnel dare go into people’s homes to force them to go to work. Salaries will be paid to all and sundry without ANY deductions at the end of the month.

Yaya Jammeh with his small band cronies alone cannot run a government without the civil service in office.

Finally I would encourage the Coalition and president elect Adama Barrow to immediately occupy the Kairaba Beach hotel and make it the temporary government headquarters until such time the outgoing government vacates their offices.

I would also very STRONGLY encourage the president elect to quickly and urgently form his interim government. This government can be refined as time goes on.

The world is helping us assume the seat of power; we should also help ourselves and show the world that we mean business.

Thank you for your attention.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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