Mr. Nderry,

I lived in The Gambia for nearly 2 decades.  Since I emigrated I have not lost touch and remain in contact with a few close friends. To be honest Gambia is where I call my home and at some point, I shall return to live in my home permanently.

It is fantastic that Gambians took a stance during the recent presidential elections, bravely and wholly opting for Mr. Adama Barrow- President of The Republic of The Gambia. I respect Mr. Barrow a lot. When I lived in The Gambia Mr. Barrow if I rightly recall used to manage Alhaji Musa Njie and Son’s Gas Cylinder business and I remember lot of good laugh and banter we had. He is genuinely a very hardworking, and an honest some body.  I call Mr. Barrow the President as he is no more the President Elect given the circumstances that the crooked Jammeh’s and Souma’s have forced on Gambians. Gambians have already demonstrated, amply that they shall succumb no more to threats, slavery and pressures of the outgoing crook Jammeh’s and Soumah’s.  And outgo they will. I am positive about this.

Sadly, as we all know the Crooked Jammeh’s & Souma’s are refusing to vacate the seat in my opinion this is something Mr. Barrow could work with his counterparts. Mr. Barrow is the President under the circumstances and no more the President Elect has a legitimacy over crooked Jammeh 

Work with Senegal, British Government, The EU, The USA, African Union, Ecowas and African Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone. All these recognize the legitimacy of Mr. Adama Barrow as the president and have discredited current crooked Jammeh’s government.  Mr. Barrow could request these countries to seize all funds and assets belonging to the Jammeh’s and Souma’s, and belonging to the companies they are directors of through Proxies or directly. Funds & Properties are likely to be under umbrella companies, people’s names and companies they have registered-  Boubacarr Souma/Abubakar Souma, Mariyam (knee Souma, Zeinab’s sister), Zeinab’s mum, Mariyam Jammeh (daughter, who is 16 years in age), and Sillah’s (2nd wife’s family)

  1. A) Morocco-Funds in banks, Assets all over the country- Lavish Properties. Dinia Amueblement is one of the key connection’s there. Dinia Amueblement serves many former crooked presidents of West African countries

Spain– Marbella- Lavish Properties & Villas

USA- Assets in forms of properties 

UAE- Lavish properties in Dubai (The World) and elsewhere, Money in banks, Systematic cleansing of money using Musa’s and connections there. TK Musa was deliberately deported and that is just to show the fall out.

Panama- Companies that wash their money- such as Fonseca, 

Switzerland- Geneva and Zurich, Banks

  1. B) ICC- The Hague, Barrow has the mandate, is the President of The Gambia and as such he could look into pass a presidential order, dissolving the current government as the crook Jammeh has no mandate or the legitimacy over the government. Post this, Mr. Barrow could form a cabinet and take Gambia back to the ICC, and as such the legit Government could consider beginning criminal proceedings against crooked Jammeh’s

For the army of The Republic of The Gambia I have a message. Revolt against Jammeh and Badjie. Your President is not Jammeh, Adama Barrow is. Your General is not Badjie as he is protecting the crooked Jammeh illegitimately. Badjie is not receiving just a salary. He is on a mega payroll from crooked Jammeh. You as an ordinary soldier or a Lieutenant are being made use of for peanuts. So, Revolt.

For Zeinab the message is talk your husband some sense, and leave The Gambia with your children and leave fat grumpy hubby in The Gambia. Don’t be blinded by ridiculous belief’s like he has. What may unfold in front of you should this affair turn nasty Zeinab is very gruesome. You have to only enquire about a documentary- The fall of Samuel Doe. Have you not seen what happened to your former master Muammar Gaddafi. Other examples are Mobutu Secko, Babangida and so many stupid greedy presidents. They lost lives and money for nothing. 

You are sensible. Now is the time Zeinab, do a runner from The Gambia and abandon him, before it’s too late. 

For Gambians, the message is maintain peace, the law and order, reassure expats in the country that they are safe and that no one will touch them regardless of the outcome of the saga of this election. And finally, all the best to all Gambia.


Written By Jack Aspinall

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