I write this message to you with a firm belief that by sitting quietly and reflecting in solitude, away from all other influences in this world, that you will make a decision governed by love and compassion for humanity.  I do not begin to comprehend why violence is ever considered acceptable, and it has no benefit in this world.  Whenever I hear of violent acts, I imagine that happening to one of my children, or someone dear to me, and the devastation it creates in my soul makes life feel too unbearable to carry on.   All that matters is that people should be kind to each other, and everyone should play their part in creating happiness and a shining light.  I also believe that when occurrences in this world are not ‘right’, when there is darkness around, when people’s existence is governed by stress and anxiety, fear and sadness, that a solution must be found, and that changes are necessary.

I would not say to you ‘stand down’ but ‘move on’.  I do not speak the language of a politician, nor do I follow very closely events in the news.  I know little of what you have achieved as a leader for all these years.  Without doubt there has been good, and without doubt there has been bad.  The good deeds you have done should be acknowledged, praised and exalted.  What has not been good, whether it be acts or threats of violence, instilling fear in people, not delivering what has been promised, should be humbly recognised by yourself.  The only positive and bright future for yourself, and those that you love, is to acknowledge that none of this was right or acceptable.  We may not be able to change the essence of who we are but it is my belief that we can change our behaviour, and that we should never stop seeking and searching for perfection, and contribute to making this world a better place.  By creating peace, love and goodness in your own soul, that will emanate from you and have a ripple effect on your surroundings spreading further and further in all directions.

I live in the UK, but my husband is Gambian, and I have visited him in The Gambia so far 7 times in the last 17 months.  I have the deepest love and respect for him, and for your country.  There is much beauty there, and I also see much deprivation, and sadly corruption, which I do not believe is excusable. My heart and soul resides in two countries, as I have loved-ones in both countries.  I am doing what I can to create opportunities and support for my husband, and he in return, is showing me, with his skill, commitment, attitude and patience, that everything I am investing in him will reap huge benefits and rewards.  The UK and The Gambia are two entirely different worlds, but like The Gambia, the UK has much beauty, but also deprivation, inequality and corruption preside. In a highly technological, bureaucratic and impersonal world, it can be hard as an individual, to have any feeling of control, but also as individuals, we can allow ourselves not to be defeated, and can hold peace, calmness, self-control and power within us.

I pray that you will hear my voice, and accept it as an amalgamation of the many positive and good thoughts of people who have influenced me in my life, and touched also by the glory of nature and creatures great and small.

Isatou Bah (Lola Butterfield)

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