Dear Pa Nderry,

 Grateful if you could kindly post this article in your online newspaper. Thanks.

I am a Gambian and a Retired Ambassador living outside the jurisdiction of The Gambia and have no allegiance to any Political party at home. Though I keep in constant touch with all and sundry and from the bottom of my heart recognize the untiring efforts of those sincere Gambians and non-Gambians alike engaged in the national development of our beloved Country. At my age, I can only pray to Allah to reward and bless them accordingly.

With all due fairness, I thought it proper to also add mine to the few in respect of the recent articles on Mr. Mohamed BAZZI, that you have posted in your online newspaper, which by all indicators is the most widely read by all Gambians and non-Gambians alike by way of keeping abreast with current events and developments in The Gambia. 

You will agree with me that Some Individuals take liberty to just put pen to paper to express their own disgruntled personal opinions of innocent people or events and forward it to your paper to have it posted on line within seconds. It is sad to say that such Type of people are not God fearing at all. 

Pa, I am sure you do not even know Mr. Bazzi like some of us who have dealt with him in Government service nor are you able to believe everything that has been put on paper about him and Sent out to you especially by such an anonymous coward calling himself or herself a former Ambassador. 

These ignorant people are only bent on abusing  their on line access to your paper knowing  fully well that it might not be vetted before being posted on line as Breaking NEWS .

If you allow me I want to use this golden opportunity to express my shock and disappointment at such an individual who calls himself a former ambassador , who is only out to tarnish Mr. Bazzi ‘s good image in The Gambia and even has the daring mind to commit some innocent civil servants (former /serving ) who held or hold key positions in the government and who he claims share his negative and ignorant opinion of Mr. Bazzi. Very Un -Ambassadorial!!!!!

 Pa, The Gambia is a very small country with a few natural resources (some yet to be explored) thus the need to attract more foreign investment and investors to supplement Government ‘s limited resources and as an alternative to our dependence on foreign aid as a lever for Development. This is clearly stipulated as one of the main objectives of The Foreign Policy of The Gambia from time in memorial. Some of us are lucky to have served in both Republics before retirement. 

As fate, would have it over the last decade of this Second Republic, Mr. BAZZI extended his many Business ventures in the West African sub region to The Gambia where he made several major development Projects as Direct Investments funded by his Group namely in the Energy and petroleum sectors. 

It was a timely moment when the energy sector in The Gambia needed an overhaul transformation and thus his investment was highly applauded.

He has also introduced his extensive network of contacts in the Middle East and Gulf Countries to The Gambia to help fund large Infrastructural Projects.

It is worthy of note that He has never played any role in the internal Politics of The Gambia as opposed to what he is being accused of. 

His focus has always been on finding ways to get aid and funds to develop The Gambia and to create employment at all levels for Gambians in all his business ventures. 

Mr. Bazzi no doubt has the privilege of access to the highest Authority of the Land like other foreign and local Gambian investors do. This practice is normal and obtains in other countries of the world, not only in Africa. It is no secret that the private sector participates tremendously and has a stake in the National development of any Country likewise The Gambia.

Whoever has a bone to pick with Mr. Bazzi for one reason or another should be MAN enough to face him or the incumbent leadership or Government to get his facts right before tarnishing his image and that of other innocent people. 

He or she is supposedly a coward hiding behind your well read on line paper to send out his bullets to Mr. Bazzi.

The close proximity between Mr. Bazzi and The incumbent leadership of The Gambia has always sparked a lot of jealousy and spite .

Let’s give the devil its due for all that he has done for The Gambia and Gambians instead of tarnishing his image and wishing him to be prosecuted.

Pa , I am quite sure that Gambians are not ignorant or stupid to believe the over exaggerated figures and Prices that has been mentioned in the said article. 

Imagine a dog costing 15 million Dalasis . Mr. Bazzi in his right frame of mind would rather invest that amount of money in something more rewarding and beneficial than a dog, as gift to a toddler daughter of the President.

May Almighty Allah the Most Merciful and Magnificent Save The Gambia from such 

Gambians who are not appreciative or grateful towards Foreign Investors. 

Mr. Bazzi is very benevolent and a lot of Gambians have benefited from His humanitarian gestures which he has never made public. And they all know themselves. I have no doubt that the author of these terrible articles is also one of the beneficiaries but for reasons best known to him or her has preferred to resort to this blackmailing to win favors or other ulterior motives best known to Them..

It is unfortunate that This move will only kill the confidence of  resident Foreign Investors in The Gambia and potential ones.

So Pa, This is my personal reaction to what has been posted in your paper on Mr. Bazzi who is not my blood relation nor Friend . We are not obligated to each other in any way nor is he aware of my defense for him in this regard. I just want to put the records straight for the Sake of God.

Shame on whoever is responsible!! 

Thank You, Mr. Pa, Nderry for your space.

Written By Alhagie John

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