I have no reasons to doubt your source and quality assessment in news from Gambia before publishing the news. I think, right now, everybody is embracing you just because we are all aiming at what? for Jammeh to go. But, Pa you will soon start having problems with your so-called friends and Gambians moment you start looking into the activities of Barrow’s Administration.

Agreed, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has all the qualities to be President and any other public position in the Gambia. However, all us faulted Jammeh for always doing what is unconstitutional hence the attacks and voting out of office. 

I am sure Pa, you and every other honest Gambia would not want a repeat of that. Section 62 (2) of the 1997 Constitution clearly spells out that any Gambian regardless of your educational background, race, struggle SHALL not qualify as a Candidate for Presidential election in the Gambia IF YOU ARE BELOW 30 YEARS OF AGE AND NOT MORE THAN 65 YEARS. On this basis, Late Solo Sandeng was killed when he asked for electoral reforms so that Darboe can qualify for the elections. 

Now, if Barrow steps in as President and appoints Lawyer Ousainou Darboe as Vice-President for his administration, that is worse than 22 years of Jammeh’s unconstitutional governance and calls for impeachment immediately before we groom another Jammeh.

Lawyer Darboe is not qualified as Vice-President under the Constitution which governs Barrow and any other Gambia for the time being.  Let us watch President Barrow keenly so that we do not groom another dictator.

From A  Concerned Lawyer.

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