Gambians went to the polls this year hoping to choose a president in a peaceful and orderly manner expecting that whoever wins the election will respect the verdict of the people and ensure a peaceful transfer of power. Having publicly conceded defeat later turning around challenging the same results, makes Yaya Jammeh a mad man in authority.

What makes his case not grounded in fact is the confirmation of the results coming from the third candidate in the race, Mama Kandeh of the GDC party, who accepted defeat graciously and congratulated president elect Mr. Adama Barrow. This confirmation from Kandeh and the credibility of the IEC staff cast serious doubts on Jammeh’s refusal to accept the results especially when each of the contestants have party agents on the ground witnessing the counting of the votes in all the 1,422 polling stations.

To prove that president-elect Adama Barrow’s victory is genuine, let’s take a closer look at the results from each of the seven administrative areas and immediately you will see that Yaya Jammeh lost on all the six divisions in the country. He only won Janjanbureh out of the 7 Administrative areas in the country. Mama Kandeh and Adama Barrow were the joint leaders in Kerewan administrative area each securing 3 constituencies while Barrow swept the polls in Banjul, Kanifing, Brikama, Mansakonko and Basse Administrative areas.  Out of the total 53 constituencies spreading across the seven regions, Barrow won 28, Jammeh 20 and the remaining 5 constituencies went to Mama Kandeh.

 With Adama Barrow winning both the total number of votes cast (227, 708 votes) and the votes by constituency (28 out of 53 constituencies) it will be difficult for Jammeh to overturn the results of the Presidential Election as certified by the IEC Chairman and Returning Officer on 5th December 2016.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.  Jammeh can no longer ignore the loud voices coming from the United Nations, the ICC, EU, USA, AU, ECOWAS and the local CBOs including the Bar Association, the Medical and Dental Association, the Teachers’ Union, The Labor Congress with its affiliated bodies, the IHRDA, the Youth Parliament, UTG Lecturers and Student Unions, the GPU, The Chamber of Commerce and the growing lists of respectable persons in institutions in the country determined to let their voices heard.

A president mired in unpopularity and under siege, discretion is a better part of valor. The results of this election cannot be changed even if the army seized the building of the IEC offices. The results have been published in all the local newspapers and made available online in the World Wide Web. Even if increasing censorship of the social media or poking fear by the daunting presence of armed security forces, it is late to attempt to alter the results. Respecting the choice of the people and heeding the local and international calls to step down for the sake of national unity and peace could be useful to protect our national dignity.  A man can die but once.

Written By An Insider

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