Outgoing longtime Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh on Thursday, called upon the nation’s religious leaders to help preach and propagate peace and national reconciliation. Mr. Jammeh, whose five year term expires on January, 19th, appealed to Gambians from different political divides to learn to forgive, and forget.

“I am calling on the religious leaders to preach peace and forgiveness in the country. Let forget what has happened in the past and turn to a new page. That’s the reason why I am inviting you to the State House. A lot of people listen to you than us the politicians. Please use your congregations to preach peace and reconciliation,” Jammeh said.

“All I want us to do is to forget what had happen and been said about us or what they have done to us and other people. All I want is reconciliation so that the country continues to enjoy the peace and stability,” Jammeh added.

Mr. Jammeh also took a jab at the opposition for going after his supporters after the elections. He said violence or tribalism would not be tolerated in the country.

Jammeh added that the country’s peace has been threatened and sabotaged recently as number of people on the other side of the political divide, especially in the aftermath of the December 1st.

“The Gambia is for all tribes. No single tribe owns the Gambia. Tribalism will not be condoned here,” Jammeh doubled down on his anti-tribal sentiments.

Mr. Jammeh talks about his party losing the elections in his speech. Although, there was no mention of him handing over power to President elect Barrow in January.

Mr. Jammeh also used the occasion to allay the concerns and fears of the Christian community. He recalled being raised by Christians while growing up in provincial Gambia. He accuses his detractors of spreading lies against him by claiming that he is going to transform Gambian churches into mosques and markets. Jammeh said he has no grudge against Christians adding that the Gambia is a nation of religious tolerance.

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