Hello Pa,

How are you doing? I want to convey this information to you. If you observed well in Facebook or other social media platforms, you will see this hashtag going around #GambiaHasDecided. This hashtag is from Jammeh and his intelligence officers and their motive is to hide the name and pictures of President-Elect Adama Barrow on these social medias.

We can all see that every Gambian is having Adama Barrow as his/her profile picture or cover picture, so adapting this hashtag by all Gambians will definitely erased the name is picture of President-Elect Adama Barrow in Facebook in the coming weeks. 

For your info, I one week time or more if Jammeh manipulated some of the judges to reject the election results, then he will use the same phraseology ‘Gambia Has Decided’, so let us change this hashtag to:



or any other name that sounds better to overwrite the first hashtag. 

A Banjulian. 

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