Controversial Senegalese lawyer and politician El Hadji Diouf, is coming under fire for criticizing Gambia’s President elect Adama Barrow, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Gambians across the globe took onto social media on Thursday, lambasting Mr. Diouf, who questioned President elect Barrow’s competence to become a better President. Diouf sided with dictator Yahya Jammeh saying that Jammeh is no one’s coward to be intimidated to relinquish power. He accuses the Economic Community of West African States, especially the delegation which recently visited Jammeh of “double standards” and hypocrisy.

president-elect-barrowMr. Diouf said Yahya Jammeh is in line by questioning the outcome of the elections. He called on the international community to be impartial in this period of Gambia’s political evolution saying that there are efforts to contest the legitimacy of Barrow’s electoral victory before the Supreme Court.

“To those of you saying that Jammeh is out to subvert the wishes of the Gambian people: Let me ask you… If Jammeh was that scared of change, nothing would have stopped him from congratulating Barrow, or rigging the elections. He is questioning the results because he believes that there were some anomalies. Yahya Jammeh is the best leader that the Gambia has ever had. He has maintained peace and order during his reign. My Senegalese compatriots should stop insulting Jammeh. He has not done anything to attract such hate,” Diouf said.

The Senegalese politician added: ” We do not know who this Barrow is. Is he fit to rule the Gambia? People should allow due process to prevail in The Gambia. ECOWAS, has no business in meddling into Gambia’s domestic electoral issues. ECOWAS is hypocritical.  Lasana Condeh, of Guinea, rigged the elections in his country, and no one went after him. Now you want Yahya Jammeh to hand over power, when the outcome of that elections have been put into question. You can see the double standards of ECOWAS,” Lawyer Diouf spoke in the local wollof dialect.

Mr. Diouf praised dictator Jammeh for his bravery, patriotism, and love for The Gambia. He says Jammeh is no one’s puppet to be intimidated.

“ I am not the type of person, who can be easily swayed by public opinion or rumors. I called the Gambia personally to find out about what happened. Jammeh is on point for challenging the results of the elections. Can ECOWAS afford to kill half of the Gambian population because of one individual Adama Barrow? The Gambia, is a sovereign nation and its sovereignty should be respected,” he said.

Mr. Diouf’s recent statements never went down well with Gambians. He has been accused of being dictator Jammeh’s image maker in Senegal. Some even claimed that Diouf might be allegedly on the dictator’s payroll.

Mr. Diouf could not be reached for comment.

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