Gambia’s election Chairman says even whereas the country’s election house was set on fire today, nothing is going to change the status quo, as he maintains that Adama Barrow, is the winner of the December, 1st Presidential elections. Mr. Alieu Mamar Njai, was speaking in an interview with M Njai of Freedom Radio Gambia’s Civic Education Show.

adama-barrow-1Gambian security personnel have taken over the offices of the IEC. Mr. Njai confirms that he and his staff have been denied access to the building by the armed guards.

“Nothing can change the outcome of the elections. Adama Barrow, is the winner. The results have been certified and signed by all the political contenders. It has circulated around the world. The soldiers taking over the election house will not change the outcome of the election. Even if the place caught on fire, or set on fire, that will not change the status quo,” Mr. Njai tells Saihou Saidily, AKA M Njai.

The IEC Chairman blamed the election results recount to a computer glitch. He said parties were invited to witness the correction of the earlier announced results, but only Mama Kandeh of the GDC showed up. He commended Mama Kandeh for availing himself when needed by the Commission.

On Jammeh’s allegations that over 300,000 thousand people have not voted on election day, Mr. Njai said such a voter apathy is not something new as far as Gambia’s polling is concerned. He recalled similar voter apathy occurred in previous elections. He noted that this could be attributed to a wide range of reasons. For example, he said, some of the registered voters might have traveled, died, sick, or unable to vote on election day.

He also maintained that the electoral law empowered the IEC and polling agents not to allow people whose names doesn’t  appear on the electoral register to vote on polling day. Hence, he debunked Jammeh claims of electoral malpractice saying it lacks merit.

Mr. Njai observed that in the interest of peace, and stability, President elect Adama Barrow, should be allowed to assume office in January, when Jammeh’s term expires. He said any lawsuit filed now to challenge the outcome of the elections would only undermine peaceful transfer of power. He also said the Supreme Court has not been properly constituted for over a year.

“The results can only be challenged after six months of Barrow’s Presidency. As far as we are concerned, there is no irregularities in the elections. We acted within the purview of the law. No law has been broken as far as the elections are concerned,” he said.

The IEC Chairman also talked about someone at the State House placing two different phone calls to the GRTS, on election night advising the staff to discontinue the broadcasting of the results. He said the caller claimed that Jammeh was ready to concede defeat, in a televised address, but that never happened that night.

Mr. Njai could not tell who ordered the GRTS management to discontinue the election coverage broadcast. He maintained that the call came from the State House, and he was briefed accordingly. He called on Jammeh to reconsider his election defeat  reversal concession speech. He maintains that Barrow is Gambia’s President elect.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

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