Answering to Jammeh’s Senegalese lawyer, Pa, this is the former Gambian ambassador again, I write only when I see some of Jammeh lawyers trying to corrupt the reality, so in order not to leave any chance for such people to confuse our Gambian brothers, I intervene.

Lawyer you should be ashamed of yourself to come out with such lies about JAMMEH saying he is brave and loves The Gambia. Once again, I confront you with facts.

Ask anyone of us who worked with Jammeh and will all tell you he is the biggest coward on earth. He cannot confront anybody in a one to one meeting.

But now a few questions Mr. lawyer, 


Because he made the whole world laugh at us by saying he discovered AIDS treatment?

Because he jailed and destroyed hundreds of families?

Is he brave because he executed your Senegalese sister and your Senegalese brother and DID NOT EVEN GIVE THEIR BODIES TO THE FAMILIES SO they burry them and pray for them but instead he threw their whereabouts to crocodiles.

Is he brave because he executed the mile two prisoners?

Is he brave because he executed our children, who as student all they did is to protest about him?

Is he brave for torturing our imams just when they don t want to endorse his crimes, because they fear Allah and not Jammeh.

Is he brave because he executed that Ghanaians who were just fishermen accusing them for a plot?

Is he brave because he came to power as the poorest soldier and Gambian on earth and ends up with hundreds of millions of dollars? Coming from Gambian blood?

I can write hundreds of pages about Jammeh crimes. But I will not as very soon he will be in court and judged for every single crime he did.

I end up with one question: is he brave because he rapes all our female children if by chance he sees one?

Lawyer; please do one experience; send him your daughter to state house with a Nobel mission to interview him for us on if he is gonna step down.

And when he rapes her, please come to this paper of freedom so respectful to personal opinions to the point that he gives space even to people like you, come to this paper after Jammeh meets your daughter and repeat then that Jammeh is brave.

Because defending him from your lounge in Dakar is so easy.

Lawyer, respect our deaths by just ZIPPING IT UP.



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