Gambians fought Jammeh for 22 years for two basic reasons i.e., his human right crimes and his economic crimes. Many Gambians had one or two of the above reasons in mind when fighting the regime of Yaya Jammeh.

The bravest amongst us are the opposition political party militants who endured the fight face to face with the dictator. The second bravest are those that take the risk to provide the online media information to inform Gambians and the world about the unreported crimes that Jammeh and his enablers commit in the Gambia.

The third bravest amongst us are the freedom fighters; the journalists are the online mediums and activists outside the Gambia around the world that dare show their true identity to all and sundry. We must therefore give credit where it’s due. Thank you all.

A special Thank you goes to Gambians at home who have now given Yaya Jammeh and his government the red card in a grand style doubted by even the most optimists amongst us and around the world. What have we not heard pre-elections? Elections cannot remove a dictator, he will rig the elections, he will buy the voters cards etc. Well today Gambians at home have proven to the world that elections can indeed remove a dictator. African countries now living under dictatorship can learn a thing or two from the Gambian electorates.

Where there is will there is a solution.

Now that Jammeh is about to go we the people must make sure that we did not substitute a military dictatorship to civilian dictatorship. Yes civilian dictatorship does exist specially in Africa. Some African countries have been changing their term limit constitution clauses to limitless terms thus became civilian dictators. Never will Gambians accept to be ruled again by civilian dictators. NEVER.

Having said the above, we must now endeavor to wholeheartedly respect the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and worship to all citizens and non-citizens living in the Gambia. Let us always remember that for 22 years we have established our online mediums and social media online platforms in other countries for us to disseminate, inform and educate our people both at home and abroad to take our courage on hand and do away with Yaya Jammeh’s dictatorial regime on a grand democratic style. It’s now done and we should say a big thank you to those democratic and open countries and societies that allowed us to do what we did to achieve our goal.

An old chapter is closed and new chapter is now open. The new Gambia shall not fail its people. Future governments will be held to account and journalists, reporters educationists, activists and NGO’s will continue doing their job within the purview of the law and no one should try or even think of denying our people the right to know, to justice and transparency. We are the taxpayers. Any new government that tries to muscle the press is bound to fail miserably. Gambians have elected a new president to serve the people and not be served by the people.

So to president elect Adama Barow please take note that it is the people that elected you and not the hidden small civilian dictators surrounding you trying to encourage you to muscle our basic freedoms that we hardly fought for and wish to maintain until next elections.

Gambians have now enshrined our voting cards in our hearts and will always have the patience to show the red card to any future president that behaves and acts like Yaya Jammeh. Good luck to you President Barrow.

Thank you Gambia I am too proud of you. Forward ever backward never.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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