Dear Gambians,

I wrote an article last week suggesting that His Excellency Mr. Adama Barrow work with governments of EU, The UK, The USA, Ecowas and particularly leverage with Senegal asking them to put an international freeze and an embargo on all assets funds associated with Jammeh, Suma families. These funds, assets have been washed, cleaned and are now being kept under proxies, 3rd parties. The main connections are Zeinab Jammeh’s brother Bubacarr Suma, her sister in Conakry/USA Mariyam and her husband, Zeinab’s mother, businessmen Dinia Amueblement- Morocco,  Mr. Samba and a few others such as Chinese fishing company.

If you cut the life line soon he wont be able to pay people like Badjie who seems to have his loyalties to Jammeh instead of Gambians. Badjie you are an uneducated, ignorant, stupid idiot, just like your master and his wife is. Don’t you realize that your salary is not paid by Jammeh it is paid by tax payers of Gambia, the hardworking common man pays his tax which pays you salary. You are under an oath to protect civilians and not a leader. How stupid are you?

I want to urge Gambians, students included now come out on the streets and in large numbers to protest collectively. The “Big Man” or “Big Monster” must be belittled. I am aware, judging the past actions of Jammeh that it is easier said than done. I think there is a little chance for any other way out of this. I feel Jammeh is not going to be the one to vacate until Gambians smoke him out, and treat him like a common criminal. Jammeh believes only in his way or no way. 

Mr. Barrow, don’t let racist and divisive Jammeh get off the hook. Dont be defensive sir, as you have done nothing wrong. Don’t be afraid. Gambia and Gambians are bigger than Jammeh, and Badjie. Sir the Onus is on you to prove to Gambians that justice is served when it comes to criminal doings of Jammeh. The whole of Africa is looking upto you and supporting you. The US, EU, British and African nationals living in The Gambia and outside support you. 

Letting Jammeh and his wive’s off the hook without any charges and due prosecution both nationally and internationally is unacceptable. If you let Jammeh and Wives off the hook other leaders in Africa will take this as an example that they can simply negotiate their way out during time of conflicts with a presidential pardon of new governments. Don’t set this as a precedent Mr. Barrow. Jammeh, Zeinab and others associated are criminals and should me sent to Mile 2 to serve due sentences. You must request an international arrest warrant and keep that in place before hand.

Senegal, Ecowas, UN should be kept on a standby incase Jammeh resorts to ordering military to shoot out. I am aware that this is easier said then done but I feel Jammeh is not going to be the one to vacate until Gambians smoke him out, and treat him like a common criminal. 

Gambia also needs to prepare on emergency medication. Mr. Barrow please ask countries in The EU to provide Airlifting facilities, for example Mercy Ships (Floating hospital) to dock in the coast of Dakar in the interim, Sans Frontiers of France. Let them be prepared to come to the plight of poor Gambians and those who need medical care and medicines.


Jack Aspinall

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