The Editor,

Freedom Newspaper,


Dear Sir/Ma,


I wish to commend you guys for the good job you are doing in the Gambia. Your newspaper has played a crucial role in the end of dictatorship in Gambia, and by extension Africa as a whole.

I am Hon Prince Adetayo Adekunle MNYP, a Political Scientist, Nigerian Youth Leader and the Chairman, Governing Council of the Ibadan Academy of Management and Technology, a private Polytechnic in Nigeria.

For the past few months, I relied on your daily for up-to-date news in the run up to the Presidential elections and I enjoyed your quick reportage.

However, I’d like to admonish that you keep up the good works as a watchdog even when the new administration takes over in January 2017.

Lastly, I have made some attempts in getting the progressive youths of the West African sub region to come together to join the struggle for the emancipation of Gambia. This is because Adama Barrow represents one of us and we think he is a breath of fresh air. In this regard, I would like if you can assist in facilitating an audience with the President-elect.

My profile can be checked online via:!/princeadetayo.adekunle

Thanks and God bless

Hon Prince Adetayo Adekunle MNYP
National Assembly,

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