Dear Pa, 

I feel delighted to write you and to request updates on the political situation in The Gambia. 

First, I wish to introduce myself to assure you that I’m not a robot. I am a Nigerian in my early fifties. I served as a medical doctor at the then Mansakonko Health Centre, Mansakonko LRD from 1995-1997 as part of the Nigerian government team of professionals on assistance mission to sister African countries. I thus served in The Gambia soon after President Jammeh had sacked the previous government. It’s a shame that he transformed himself from a military dictator to a civilian dictator and is now insisting on foisting himself on the Gambian people after 22 years of leadership.

I had a good time in The Gambia. Some of the experiences I garnered there contributed to my professional development. I also had a much more intimate knowledge of the African socioeconomic situation while there. Not blowing my trumpet, but while working at the health centre I encouraged parents to send their children to school. As a matter of fact, a girl that was enrolled in a local school out of my prompting was discovered to have a very high IQ. Her headmaster went over and commended me personally. 

Anyway, I am now resident in Australia. I still follow the news from the Gambia passionately. I’ll one day visit with my family. 

I was disappointed when Jammeh later rejected the result of an election he had earlier accepted. I do hope president-elect Adama Barrow is steadfast to claim his mandate come January 19th. 

Do give me updates.

Best wishes, 


Dr Achinyang Adie

+61 401816353

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