Former State House Imam, Abdoulie Fatty, has called on the army to follow the will of the people and pledge allegiance to president-elect Adama  Barrow.  Speaking to journalists after his meeting with Barrow, he declared: 

“We have all agreed that this is the will of the people that’s why we came to meet Barrow to show him our support and that we are behind him. The army must do do the same thing. Jammeh is staying there because he has people behind him. The people supporting him and those close to him should talk to him to persuade him that Allah has decided his time is over. He had initially decided to accept defeat so it shouldn’t be extremely hard to persuade him to change his mind “. 

The Saudi-trained Imam further postulated that Barrow has made it clear that he didn’t look for the presidency but was the choice of sovereign people. 

“He said that he would not have believed it if he were told he would be president four months  ago .This has been proven to be true. People around Jammeh should tell him to step down because one mind is not expansive enough to conceive of the right thing all the time . 

“Allah puts people to test for their pronouncements. Jammeh has said in the past that he will shed  his  last drop of blood to protect The Gambia. Now he has a chance to protect the country from strife without a drop of blood. Even the population of Dakar is bigger than the entire Gambia so we cannot afford actions that will plunge the country into strife with the attendant loss of life, property and poverty”.

Written by Sainey Darboe 

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