Dictator Yahya Jammeh this evening received The African Bar Association at the State House. Mr. Jammeh  made it clear that he is not going to hand over power on January, 19th to President elect Adama Barrow. He cited the alleged electoral irregularities which occurred during the elections to cling onto power.

“I wanted to inform you that there were a lot of irregularities discovered during the electoral process and there were 360,711 who did not vote and now they have decided to take the matter to court,” Jammeh said.

“I condemn ECOWAS for their intervention into the internal affairs of the country as a sovereign state. The regional body action is a violation of its cardinal principle of the country’s constitution. ECOWAS said on the 19th of January 2017, they will send their Head of States to attend the inauguration to force me out which will not happen,” Jammeh added.

Mr. Jammeh accuses ECOWAS of overruling him after giving his own side of his  story during the visit of the African Heads of State. Mr. Jammeh referred President elect Barrow as ” former President elect Barrow” during his speech. He said he reversed his decision to accept defeat, following the alleged irregularities he discovered after the polls. 

Jammeh accuses the West of undermining Gambia’s peace and stability. He cited the April protest march, which claimed the life of Solo Sandeng, and others. He said the leader of the opposition Ousainou Darboe, organized a protest without permit; hence which led to his arrest. 

Mr. Jammeh branded Adama Barrow as so called President elect. He said Barrow is taking notes from the UN in order to reassert his position that he (Jammeh) needs to leave. 

Jammeh also gave green light to African Bar Association to pursue their findings of the election results by meeting any party since they are keen on obtaining fact results first.

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