Gambia: Breaking News: The Soldier Releases A Bombshell: Bodyguards Attached To Gambia’s First Lady Jumps Ship; Dictator Jammeh Cries Like A Baby Upon Hearing The News


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as predicted and reported on this newspaper, it is OVER for monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab. According to a reliable DCC agent at the state house, monster Jammeh was seen crying and completely confused. This top reliable DCC agent reported that devil Zeinab called and was also crying over the phone. She reported that top members of her security detail have absconded and no one knows where they are. Monster Jammeh is here crying and insulting everybody, he is saying that everybody is fake. He instructed devil Zeinab to fuel the private Gambian plane and return to Gambia today. Do not be surprised if devil Zeinab refuses to go back to Gambia, she is also contemplating about not going back to Gambia. Devil Zeinab is one of the top people telling monster Jammeh not to step down, this she cannot deny. She wants to wait until after January and if Gambia is safe then she will go back. DCC is monitoring and will report if devil Zeinab goes back to Gambia today. A lot of soldiers in the state house are happy to hear that devil Zeinab security detail absconded. This devil is ruthless and wicked, she steals all the soldiers per diems, everyone who travels with her does not get any allowance. Dictator Jammeh is very mad at Major Joof for allowing the security detail to abscond. It is over, very soon even Major Joof will run. It is going to be very interesting in the next week or so but DCC can confirm to you that a majority of devil Zeinab security have absconded in America and dictator Jammeh is angry. All these days monster Jammeh have been receiving information that devil Zeinab and her friends are having daily parties in America and she don’t care about him, it will be interesting if she returns to Gambia. 

In the meantime, DCC can confirm to you that monster Jammeh is sending mixed signal to his close aides, and this is dictator Jammeh at his best. He is packing, that we can report. DCC can report to you that dictator Jammeh is smuggling a majority of his vehicles to Cassamance, even livestock are being transported to Cassamance. There is chaos at Kanilai, dictator Jammeh is secretly asking people to keep his rams, cows, bulls, and his entire livestock for him. This is dictator Jammeh at his best, trying to his hide his belongings, but DCC is monitoring and tracking, we know where all the pickups are being kept, monster Jammeh we are watching. Dictator Jammeh is also recruiting criminals from MILE-2 and telling close aides that he is not going to step down and he needs volunteers for national security.

According to top DCC agents, who know when dictator Jammeh wants to use the toilet that dictator Jammeh will fight to death, he is currently recruiting a “shadow military” to fight for him but they will all run when the international community sends foreign fighters. They will not fight for dictator Jammeh.

Fellow Gambians, DCC will later write a full report on this but we can quickly report that the MD of social Security Graham gave monster Jammeh 25 million dalasis for the election. Also, the rogue MD of GPA Lamin Sanyang gave APRC 20 million dalasis. In fact, Lamin Sanyang just bought himself a vehicle costing 6 million dalasis. Guest what Gambians, Lamin Sanyang had ordered 5000 T-shirts for APRC post-election celebration and the do not know what to do with it. This rogue Lamin Sanyang had even prepared a list of people who he was going to dismiss after the election and the people knew his plan. Now he is powerless and lying that he had no intention of doing so.

On a late note, Gambians, please be wary of all the diplomats who are now jumping ship and asking dictator Jammeh to step down. Do you recall when DCC reported about the burning platform on the ship and these people will jump off the ship. Where was people like Omar Faye, Momodou Tangara, etc. when Solo Sendeng was killed, where were all these diplomats when Ousainou Darbo and others were illegally jailed? How come they did not condemn dictator Jammeh then, why now? Does it not look like they only want to maintain their current positions, they have no choice because they know that it is over. They all know that soon dictator Jammeh will end up in jail, dead, run to Mauritania or Saudi Arabia. 

DCC can report that close family members are also urging dictator Jammeh to step down. These are family members who care about the future generations and clearly told monster Jammeh there is life after presidency. 

Dictator Jammeh DCC is warning you to step down, we know of all your plans and we are closely monitoring you and your close aides. We know what you discuss with Mauritania, TIME WILL TELL. You have no legacy, your regime was brutal to its own people, you totally failed. Dictator Jammeh your true legacy is you destroyed a great country and dream, and unleashed a nightmare to the Gambian people. 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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