The erstwhile Out-Going President turned aspiring ‘Rebel Leader’ Yaya Jammeh has effectively declared war in Gambia. Or perhaps, this disgraced nincompoop is stooping to psychological warfare in his war against Gambians and their collective Will for self-determination.

Yaya Jammeh did not mince words as the cameras beamed on his distressed face, no doubt wondering where he went terribly wrong. He told a handful of the ‘so-called’ African Bar Association (If there is any such credible body) that he has no plans to relinquish power back to the Gambian people or their duly elected leader, H.E Adama Barrow. He reiterated his childish and moronic excuses why he believes he is still the constitutionally appointed leader of The Gambia. This will be funny only if not a looming cataclysm.

It is clear to every sane and observant Gambian and friends of The Gambia that Yaya Jammeh is either in acute denial or suicidal to fault. How in the hell does he think he can live beyond February 19th, 2017 is incredibly puzzling. Who in God’s earth is advising Jammeh and what in the hell are his sycophant so-called Ministers doing sitting with him on national television looking witless. Are they sticking around because they are under duress or do they all have something to hide and are afraid of what the change of the status-co mean for them?

He went on and on about how ECOWAS is bias and not following a code of non-interference in a member states’ internal matter. Is he so dull that he didn’t read the documents he signed when agreeing to the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance? ECOWAS has a legal and moral responsibility in ensuring collective security for its member states. In the same vein, Gambia’s neighbor Senegal and the International community (AU, UN, EU etc.) all have a moral responsibility and sacred duty to make sure that a mad man does not unleash violence thereby imposing a genocidal war on unarmed and peaceful Gambians just because they revoke his mandate to rule.

History and the unstoppable New Gambia will severely be unkind to anyone that is unscrupulously urging, supporting (morally or materially) and cajoling Yaya Gambia in his quest to punish Gambians for daring to vote him out. This will be especially damning for the Gambia Armed and Security forces that until now have abrogated their duty and responsibilities to the Gambian people and nation.

I pray for my dear motherland and all Gambians for Allah’s protection and guidance under this difficult moment in our Country’s history. May Allah be with us all!

BY Anonymous (The Patriot)

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