The Gambia has 21 Embassies and 2 consul Generals around the World.

12 Ambassadors have pledged their allegiance to President elect Barrow and called upon out-going President Jammeh to step down. One may ask what happen to the rest.

Those that have signed are:-

  • Beijing
  • Ankara
  • London
  • New York
  • Moscow
  • Brussels
  • Dakar
  • Madrid
  • Havana
  • Bissau
  • Adds Ababa
  • Washington

Those that have not signed are:

  • Riyadh?
  • Kuala Lumpur?
  • Nouakchott?
  • Free Town ( Ambassador recalled) Charge De Affair
  • Rabat (vacant) Charge de Affair)
  • Caracas (vacant) charge De Affair)
  • New Delhi (vacant) Charge de Affair
  • Qatar (to be closed ) Charge De Affair)
  • Abu Dhabi (closed)
  • Jeddah (consul General)
  • Paris (consul General)

Riyadh, Kuala Lumpur, and Nouakchott have been sitting Ambassadors and we have not heard from them. Why?

The rest of the missions have Charge De Affairs and they too have responsibility to pledge loyalty to President elect Barrow and request out-going President Jammeh to step down before it is too late for them since they are currently officers in charge at their respective missions. History will judge all of you.

Since there is no handing over process in motion, all of us have responsibility to provide information to the incoming Government so that they don’t begin from zero.

Written By An Insider 

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