The State House at Marina Parade has become an Alice in Wonderland surreal place where Jammeh is staging his last stand.  He is currently not going to bed and just takes very short naps of 1-2 hours.  He walks up and down the State House during the day in full military uniform as his dwindling circle of supporters gets ever smaller. 

On Jammeh’s corner right now are the trios nicknamed the Bad Badjies (Saul, Ousman, and Yankuba).  Ousman Badjie the CDS, like Yaya Jammeh, is constantly high on cocaine.  Most of the military surrounding Jammeh are addicted to cocaine.  It is this cocaine addiction that causes Yaya to behave abnormally and make people think that he is “mad”.  Right now, the cocaine is flowing freely in State House.  

Most of Jammeh’s cabinet have abandoned him.  The remaining holdouts are Mama Singhateh of Justice, Sheriff Bojang of Communications, Bala Jahumpa of Works, and Benjamin Roberts of Tourism.  Of these four however, Jammeh relies most on Benjamin Roberts who used to be an employee of Standard Chartered Bank.  Because Benjamin is not well known by the diaspora, he is the one who is doing most of Jammeh’s dirty work including traveling outside The Gambia; work previously done by Abdou Jobe of Trade. 

In fact it was Benjamin Roberts, who helped to orchestrate the spectacle of the Nigerian mercenary lawyers last night under the umbrella of the so-called “African Bar Association”.  Benjamin used Uzoma C Achigbue a Nigerian mercenary lawyer who practices in The Gambia and whose speciality is bribing Nigerian mercenary judges to deliver verdicts for his client.  Benjamin and Uzoma are friends from the Fajara Rotary Club and between the two of them, the Gambia can go to hell as long as they line their pockets with some cash.  The Nigerian mercenary lawyers were each paid $250,000 for this dirty work. 

We however need to be all proud as Gambians.  You will notice that not even 1 Gambian lawyer participated in this charade.  It is truly impressive that the Gambian Bar Association under the leadership of Sheriff Tambadou has stood its ground against the Kanilai Monster. 

Another impressive feat was that performed by businessman Samba one of the richest Gambians.  Despite all his assets and wealth in The Gambia, he called Jammeh on the phone and implored him to give up peacefully and transition to Barrow.  Jammeh was so upset about this that he hung up the phone on him and was threatening everyone at State House that day.  It was when many people at State House realized that Jammeh really has to go as they realized that Samba was sacrificing a lot by telling Jammeh the truth. 

Folks, if you want change to happen in Gambia, we need to target these people:

1) Mama Singhateh 

2) Benjamin Roberts +2203360011

3) Bala Jahumpa +2209964016

4) Saul Badjie  +2209966696

5) Yankuba Badjie +220 2112223

6) Ousman Badjie  +220 9960003

6) Sheriff Bojang +220 7081234

These are the hardcore diehards that are instigating Jammeh. Please call them or their relatives and try and convince them to arrest Yaya Jammeh for committing treason against the Gambian people as posited by the Gambia Bar Association. 

Please call these folks and ask them to Put Gambia First. Be polite and note that for cokeheads like Ousman Badjie, harsh words will only make him more aggressive.  Please pick up the phone and call. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

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