It is breaking! Gambia’s Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, has jumped ship, the Freedom Newspaper, has gathered from unimpeachable sources. She is heading out to the United States of America, at the end of a conference she was billed to attend in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Neneh, is the latest official to abandon the Kanilai war monger. Other officials will follow suit in coming hours. We are privy to the details of the planned mass exodus of Jammeh’s officials, who are planning to flee from the West African nation.

neneh-gayeA source who reached us said: “Pa, I have just gathered from a very reliable source in the Gambian mission in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that Foreign Minister, Neneh Macdoull Gaye, has abandoned Yahya Jammeh’s sinking boat.  Madam Gaye, is currently in Jeddah to attend a meeting. She used the meeting to travel out of The Gambia.  Her destination is the United States.”

Ms. Neneh Macdouall Gaye, used to live in Atlanta, Georgia, before accepting a job appointment from Jammeh. She was hired shortly before the December 30th 2014, failed coup. Sheikh Omar Faye, the recalled Gambian Ambassador to the US, was very instrumental in convincing Ms. Macdouall to accept Jammeh’s job offer. Mr. Faye, visited Neneh at her Atlanta home, where the news of her appointment as Foreign Minister, was communicated to her. 

She is a holder of a US Permanent Resident status otherwise known as (Green Card). Neneh’s departure from the dying Jammeh regime, will no doubt weaken the dictator’s quest to cling onto power.

Sources close to Neneh Macdouall Gaye, said the Minister, has off late been complaining  about the stress associated with her job. She has at some point contemplated quitting her job, sources added. She felt that dictator Jammeh’s behavior towards her was becoming unbearable, sources intimated. 

A good number of Gambia’s Foreign Mission officials have resigned from the government. They have since rallied their support behind President elect Adama Barrow. Diplomatic missions fall under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That’s the Ministry, Neneh Macdouall Gaye is heading. She cannot effectively and efficiently operate in the absence of a functional Foreign Ministry. Hence, she decided to quit her job while on a foreign mission. 

It was not long ago that Neneh was in the United States to visit her kids. Her husband Pa Gaye, the former MD of Gamtel, recently returned home from the US, to reunite with Mrs. Gaye. Neneh has finally jumped from the sinking APRC government ship. She is expected to arrive in the US in coming hours. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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