My sincere felicitations fellow Gambians. I want to seize this moment to congratulate all Gambians on our victory at the polls that overhauled tyranny and dictatorship for a chance to a decent democratic government that will respect the Rule of Law, Human and peoples’ rights. My special congratulation to the brave coalition leadership who put country before personal egos and aspirations and most importantly the electorates who voted for change and everyone else who in some form helped along the way to make this long awaited change a reality.

As the saying goes, “the only thing constant is change” and that divinely blessed air of change has blown through Gambia and every Gambian is breathing that fresh aroma of liberation and are committed to defend that freedom at all cost. President Jammeh’s chameleon-like behavior in response to the election results is his strategy to continue to intimidate Gambians and force his will on us using the security agents and his terroristic schemes. The Gambian populace, civil society and professional groups, regional and international organizations and all nations of the world acknowledged our victory and have asked Jammeh to step down for a peaceful transfer of power. Jammeh’s statement to nullify the election results is not only unconstitutional but arrogant and a gauge to test the courage and determination of Gambians who rejected his bullish tactics with a unified voice. When Jammeh realized that his words are no longer law and that Gambians are not giving in this time around and will sacrifice everything to take their country back, he resorted to legal recourse but unfortunately for him the only unit in the judicial system that can hear such a case is the Supreme Court of the Gambia which is non-existent and because of his dictatorship tendencies he never consulted his pseudo legal experts until the 10 day statute of limitation expired. What Jammeh need to understand is that elections are won by total votes casted not registered votes and the coalition had far better get-out-to-vote ground work paired with the massive appetite for change and disapproval of him.

While I congratulate Gambians I want to challenge all security and law enforcement agents who swore to protect Gambians, our constitution and pledged allegiance and loyalty to the country to come out and join the rest of the country for a smooth and peaceful transfer of power. Jammeh’s last hope is the military and other security operatives and it is our understanding that some are awarded hefty compensations for their loyalty most of whom are equally guilty of serious atrocities on Jammeh’s orders. I want to advice you all to familiarize yourselves with the constitutional provisions and not carry out wrongful orders from your superiors and commander-in-chief. The Gambian people have spoken loud and clear and the destiny of this small peaceful country lies in your hands and the choices you make. You all can keep us safe and maintain the peace by making a consensus unequivocal statement to Jammeh that he has to concede defeat and respect the verdict of the Gambian people or disrupt our peace and stability by executing criminal and unconstitutional orders for his greed, lust for power and his unwillingness to answer to the crimes he committed against Gambia and her people. Most of you in the security services had the opportunity to serve on United Nations peace missions and had firsthand experience of war torn countries so the choices cannot be clearer and the faith of our country is in limbo and in your hands.

I thank and congratulate all Gambians once again, hope and pray that we endure a peaceful transfer of power.

Kawsu Sanyang

Atlanta, GA

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