Pa, it is saddening to note that Yahya Jammeh has decided to challenge his legitimate defeat in the elections through the Supreme Court of the Gambia that does not have a quorum to sit as we speak. Except if Jammeh creates a kangaroo court today, there has not been a sitting Supreme Court for many months. It is very disturbing when one reads the grounds on which the APRC are trying to challenge the election results and one wonders whether a legal luminary as sound as Edu Gomez would want to take up that case and argue that before the Supreme Court of the Gambia.

Come January 18, 2016, Yahya Jammeh would no longer be the President of the Gambia and if he fails to leave then he would just be a “rebel without a cause”. He has no basis to sit at the helm of the presidency as at midnight of January 18. President Elect Adama Barrow should be sworn in as the new President of the Gambia on that day.

What we are witnessing with the APRC law suit that judicial sources said Edu Gomez is defending is rather sad because as a very senior member of the bar in the Gambia, we expect him to behave like other members and urge Yahya Jammeh to hand over power rather than trying to defend a frivolous law suit. I would be very disappointed in Edu Gomez going forward with that case as the APRC Lawyer taking into consideration that he was once Attorney General and like many others before him, he was sacked by the same Yahya Jammeh. I See no material gains for him in really trying to change the cause of history in the Gambia because the people voted and the results clearly demonstrates that Yahya Jammeh lost the elections.


I wonder if Mr. Gomez is really with his mind because the whole country apart from Jammeh’s army and the likes of Balla Garba Jahumpa, Sam Sarr, Seedy Njie etc are the only ones behind him now. All his foreign Ambassadors have denounced him and urged him to step down, the University of the Gambia, the Gambia Teachers Union, the Gambia Tourism Union, The Gambia Bar Association and all foreign mission in the Gambia not to talk of the U.N, ECOWAS, and the African Union. I believe Mr. Gomez is expected to side with all these groups instead of trying to represent Yahya Jammeh in a court of law to challenge a legitimate election result. I really wonder if all is right with you Mr. Edu Gomez because your very wife was publicly bullied by Yahya Jammeh recently and you could not do anything about that. Now you are the only Gambian lawyer who is prepared to ensure that all the injustices suffered by the Gambian people for the past 22 years under Yahya Jammeh still continues to hunt us. Are you really ok Mr. Gomez?

Yahya Jammeh should realize that nobody is trying to colonize the Gambia again. Elections were held and the rules of the game changed in the sense that counting was to be done on the spot and everything was clear and convincing that he lost the elections. Just look at it this way, all the years Yahya Jammeh has been winning the past elections, the opposition accepts defeat and moves one. This time round he lost the elections and he still has the guts to challenge the results on a lot of unsubstantiated grounds and you Edu Gomez trying to defend that. Are you that broke?

I read Yahya Jammeh’s declaration on the Gambia Government’s stance on the elections results and in one of his statements he said “This is the most dubious elections we have ever had in this country. It is unacceptable and still investigations are continuing and now we know why 360,910 did not vote”. Right, what happened to all the past elections he won? Were they fairer than this one that the votes have to be counted on the spot. Some people did not vote simply because they decided not to vote or were not on our electoral roll. How they got voters card might be a question for Yahya Jammeh to answer. The Gambian people have decided and neither Yayha Jammeh nor Edu Gomez going to defend the law suit would change the cause of history in the country.

Writen By Ebou Ngum – Everett Washington

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