A desperate article by a discredited and highly dangerous Jekyll and Hyde character struggling to remain relevant amidst the impending undignified fall of the Gambian dictator. Sam is a proven liar without a shred of moral fibre. Please spare us the Jammeh charm offensive, we are not interested. We are only interested in bringing Jammeh and his murderous cabal (including yourself) to justice.

This piece and your Freedom Newspaper interview are riddled with disingenuity, lies and half-truths. I almost fell about the floor laughing when I read your bit about Jammeh putting the army back into local hands post 1994. You know full well that the army contains a disproportionate amount of rebellious Casamançais Jolas thanks to Jammeh. That statement of yours is an out and out lie and you know it. How dare you feed us with this unsanctimonious tripe? As for your Al-Jazeera interview, I never seen such an embarrassing spectacle in my life. I’d be surprised if they ever call you back on there to make a chimpanzee of yourself. 

In Jammeh’s concession statement, he quoted the correct poll figures, which were eventually confirmed by the IEC in their corrigendum. You keep pedaling this lie that Jammeh only complained once the IEC issued their corrigendum. Well that makes Jammeh very stupid, because the corrigendum figures were exactly what he initially quoted himself. The poll figures have always been correct. The mistake was in the totaling of the poll figures, not in the actual poll figures. The base figures have always been correct, so I struggle to see your argument. Good luck trying to prove in a CREDIBLE court of law that because IEC’s summation of the base figures was erroneous, it can be concluded that the base figures were also wrong. You are clutching at straws here, but we are not stupid, we can see right through your lies and your deliberate attempt to cloud over the hard facts.

Your arrogance and sense of self-importance is monstrous. You kept bellowing out during your interview at Freedom and especially during your interactions with Mama Linguere Sarr during the Q&A session that you won’t respond to people you don’t know. As a so-called Gambian diplomat and public servant, it is staggering that you think you are not accountable to Gambians who you’re supposed to be serving. We are sick and tired of ex-military goons like yourself who think that you can ride roughshod over Gambians as though you were operating within some sort of jungle military barracks in a banana republic.

During your Freedom interview, as soon as you began to lose any of the key arguments, you went off on a pathetic rant, telling everyone to calm down and to stop using emotive language, while you made no hesitation in using highly flowery and emotive language to defend your corner – all in an attempt to control the narrative and audience. We could all see right through this, so don’t think that you have won the argument. You just showed yourself to a pathetic bully who lost the argument a wrong time ago.

Also during the Freedom interview, you hit a new low when you spouted that Solo Sandeng’s sacrifice was in vain because the election was free and fair anyway. What a monstrous thing to say about a man who was tortured to death by your comrades when all he did was petition his government peaceably. Most Gambians are acutely aware that Solo kick-started the freedom movement, the ascension of Barrow, the formation of the coalition and Jammeh’s election defeat. The people finally had a resistance hero in Solo Sandeng and they galvanised behind his legacy to defeat the Kanilai monster. If you have nothing good to say about Solo and his memory, please keep quiet. His family has been through enough already.

Your use of the term Babali Mansa to describe Jammeh is ridiculous and unbecoming of someone who claims to be an intellectual and a UN diplomat. The sooner you are dragged out of that Gambia desk at the UN kicking and screaming, the better. You don’t represent me or anyone from Gambia. Calling you a gutter rat is an insult to gutter rats. We all look forward to the day when you are put behind bars. Then we shall all bellow out: “good riddance to bad rubbish”.


Samsudeen Sarr is highly dangerous and a very slippery customer indeed. I genuinely think that he will be a big risk to a democratic Gambia going forward. He has all the hall-marks of a future coup-plotter or rebel leader therefore he needs to be neutralised, not given media platforms to spew out despicable untruths. People might see this man as a harmless rogue or a slightly nutty individual, but I would argue that his propensity to lie, twist facts and manipulate individuals to his own ends, while maintaining a pseudo-intellectual persona make him even more dangerous than Jammeh. This man needs to be watched, take it from me.

Written By Mendy Koto 

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