Jammeh your time is up. You have lost your credibility in Gambia, internationally and you have no mandate. Mark my words your own people who you think are standing by you will turn on against you. Your fate, including your wife’s fate is going to be highly eventful.

You call yourself courageous. Shame on you Jammeh. You are the most coward person in fact. Courageous people stand up to their defeat, and you, you cannot face your defeat. You and your wife are worried and you know damn well that you would be sued and tried at ICC and join Charles Taylor who awaits you there anxiously.

I admire the elected president Mr Adama Barrow who is so lenient, especially now that Jammeh is undermining peace and stability. His rule is more important to him than peace and stability in The Gambia. 

I urge the various governments to cease all assets of Jammeh and his wife Zeinab, and her brother Bubacarr, her sister Mariyam and her husband worldwide including access to their bank accounts worldwide. 

Your excellencies Mr Barack Obama, Mrs Theresa Mayor, Mr Mohammed Hassan- King of Morocco, Mr Macky Saal, Mr Hollande, Mr Buhari, Mr Mahama, Mrs Johnson, Mr Gomez of ECOWAS the people of Gambia are looking up to you to help them in this grave and dire hour of need. Gambia doesn’t want money, they don’t want your material aid at this juncture of its time. Right now, the Gambia and vast Gambian’s need your decisive action based on humanitarian, righteousness. Please come to the plight of the weak, and help cease the assets worldwide of Jammeh’s and Suma’s, and help Gambians to install the rightfully President Elect. 

Mr Barack Obama, Mr Joe Biden, Mr John Kerry you all have a few more days in your roles before you retire. Undoubtedly you have immediate, far bigger, graver pressures to handle undeniably. However I am sure you can be instrumental to help Gambians before you leave the office.  So, Mr Obama, Mr Biden, Mr Kerry, Mrs Theresa May, Mr Boris Johnson, Mohammed Hasan VI, Mr Macky Sall, Mr Francoise Hollande requesting you to come to plight of Gambians. Please help the Gambians in this hour of need and please help cease all the assets of Jammeh’s and Suma’s worldwide- Morocco, Guinea Conakry, UAE, The US and EU. And please help the Gambia install their rightfully elected President.

I pray for The Gambia’s peace and stability and for it’s wonderful people that have held patience, and their heads very high and very gracefully despite the horrible situation they have been put under by an utterly selfish ill willed person. We the people outside the Gambia look up to you with great admiration for maintaining restraint in what is clearly a highly critical and testing, trying time. The world stands with you Gambia, and not with Jammeh. 

Written By Jack Aspinall

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