I thank you for your news and update about Gambia and congratulate you about your courage to tell the truth even when it was hard.

Inchallah, you should also talk about some racist abuses of rights some Senegalese women face and face after marrying some Gambians men.

I am a Senegalese woman living in Europe who had been the wife of a Gambian man for about 8 years when I have been denied all of my Islamic rights as he stayed in The Gambia while I was waiting in vain in Europe, not even having the right of a fair divorce so I can move on to a hopefully better life and treatment. I have witnessed racism towards the Senegalese women that should not happen between us The Sene-Gambian people as we are one people despite the English-French barrier.

Thank you for the time you took to read my email.

 Best and warm regards,

Aminata Seck Ceesay, spouse not married nor divorced of Mr Amadou Ceesay The Executive Secretary of GCCPC (Gambia Competition Commission in Serekunda)

 Written By Aminata Seck Ceesay 

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